The black bear is roasted alive Sichuan Forestry Department hit villagers, after burning Pibi-shishangqiyi

The black bear is roasted alive? Sichuan Forestry Department: hit villagers, after burning Pibi network spread Sichuan Liangshan black bear captured photos of a Bear Mountain was lost, Daliang village after the fire escape people alive? According to the network rumors, 10:29 on November 8th, the Sichuan provincial forestry department in its official micro-blog rumor said that the bear into the village to attack people killed by the local forest police; in order to avoid the bear products into the market, by the local authorities before burning. November 8th, Sichuan, Liangshan, a black bear was burned micro-blog news circulated on the internet. In the picture attached to the message, a black bear was caught, and there was a burning picture. There are users in the micro-blog said: "the bear mountain village was lost, cold fire escape people alive". The 8 day at 10:29, the Forestry Department of Sichuan Province, the official micro-blog news and micro-blog forward responded that the bear to the local villages to attack people, in order to ensure the safety of the lives and property of the villagers, the local forest police killed the bear. In order to avoid the influx of bear products market, the local authorities to carry out its incineration and re buried. After the black bear was burned, Leibo County Forest Public Security Office, a staff member told surging news, the site of the incident in Sichuan County, Liangshan Province Rural Village shop in the field. According to the staff, in November 2nd, the black bear had entered the village of a village bite a foot, and the black bear is the place where children go to school in the village. The staff said that the 2 day the matter will be reported to the provincial forestry department, by the Ministry to make arrangements: immediately killed the bear, destroyed on the spot. A staff member of the Sichuan Provincial Forestry Department of Wildlife Conservation Department to surging news confirmed that the Ministry as early as 8, it is found that the network transmission of messages. After verification, the Ministry official micro-blog forwarding network transmission of image information is true, the bear was killed on November 2nd. "This is the emergency treatment in accordance with the law in accordance with normal procedures to make," the Department of forestry protection department staff said, the reason to be killed is because black bears have been harmful to the villagers for safety; treatment of burning bodies, in order to avoid the bodies buried after criminals dug into bear products, cause disease. The staff also introduced, from the photos to see the body, the black bear is a sub adult bear, but only on the basis of the photos can not confirm the approximate age, but an attack on an adult is completely no problem". (surging News)相关的主题文章:

The man paralyzed in a barter poison the sale of drugs with two stolen goods – Sohu news room-4000dy

The man paralyzed in a "barter poison" the sale of drugs with stolen goods room two – Sohu China Daily News (reporter correspondent Hou Jian Zhao Wei) recently, Tongchuan police cracked a number of thefts, found that these suspects are "drug addicts", and the stolen goods in exchange for drugs, the police immediately instructed the "barter poison" means traffickers arrested, surprising is that this drug was a paralyzed patient lying in bed. At present, the case has been offline all justice. Since the thefts frequent "drug addicts" steal and exchange drugs in June this year, the Tongchuan Municipal Public Security Bureau Wang branch area burglary and theft of valuables inside the car glass smashed cars frequent cases, residents of the area in a constant state of anxiety. The Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade quickly dispatched veteran soldiers and able captains to carry out case detection, the police finally arrested on suspicion of meticulous work, pry the glass smashed cars stolen property inside the suspect gemou, on trial by, police learned an important clue, the theft of stolen goods have a part directly to a "paralytic" man. The purchase of drugs. At the same time, the Public Security Bureau organized Wangyi drug addicts adductor ring work, the police arrested the drug from the staff also found in the trial, the drug is from a nickname "paralytic" buy. Two clues together, the police immediately, "paralytic" foreign men’s personal background and social investigation, after more than a month follow-up visits, the police found a "paralytic" real name is Chen Moumou, male, 48 years old this year, the Department of Tongchuan, is a very economically minded people, when building the industry hot on the occasion, the operation of cement sand material business, business thriving, in a sand material receiving when accidentally fell down from the truck, all the savings have been used to cure, eventually cannot walk paralyzed in bed. In order to live, paralyzed Chen played a crooked idea, the use of their own paralysis, the public security organs to deal with difficult to deal with the shield to cover the activities of drug trafficking, profit from the sale of their activities almost crazy. Tongchuan Municipal Bureau of Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade police said Han Xiao Wang, Chen Moumou couple had no work, no normal income home. "When waiting outside, we found a large number of drug addicts carrying tobacco to his home, after just a minute later, out of these drug addicts have nothing on hand, so we decided that Chen Moumou major drug trafficking suspects." People with suspected stolen goods seized two rooms about 104 grams of drugs in September 21st this year, the police see the time is ripe decided to close the net, anti drug, criminal investigation, multi force interaction, the use of police dogs to search for more than and 300 bottles of wine from the Moumou home site, more than and 50 cigarettes and more than and 80 pieces of antique painting, mobile phone, watches and other goods, with two rooms eight, police after 5 hours to clean up the registration of seizure is completed, all pull a truck full of stolen goods. At the same time, the police in Moumou home heroin seized 42 packets of methamphetamine 12 packets, the total seized 103.4 grams of drugs, since the drug dens were destroyed, stolen goods. According to Chen Moumou confession, he did not use drugs, before doing construction business, and later by the.相关的主题文章:

Cardiovascular disease is the world’s number one killer of patients with hypertension in Hongkong re-tokyo hot n0476

Cardiovascular disease is the world’s leading killer in Hongkong patients with hypertension was 860 thousand – Beijing, Beijing, September 29 Xinhua Hongkong "Sing Tao Daily" reported today is world heart day, facing a year can be more than 17 million people died of cardiovascular disease, the leading killer, a heart specialist to control hypertension, should as soon as possible high cholesterol and high blood sugar and other chronic diseases, if not breathing at night, high blood pressure, snoring is large, needs early treatment, because some patients with hypertension also suffer from sleep apnea, thereby reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. Hongkong has 860 thousand people with high blood pressure. Chen Baixi, an assistant professor of Cardiology at the University of Hong Kong and a clinical assistant professor of internal medicine at the University of Hong Kong, said that overseas studies indicate that hypertension is closely associated with sleep disordered breathing. Of 85% patients with sleep disordered breathing, they also had high blood pressure. Follow-up study published in 2010 in Hong Kong early in the morning, analysis of sleep inspection record 76 hypertensive patients, also found that 70% of five confirmed have sleep apnea, over half of which has reached moderate to severe. The study is ongoing, with a total of 100 participants. Doctor Chen refers to the use of positive pressure ventilation can help lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients, thereby reducing the risk of coronary heart disease in 30% seven and 50% six of stroke. 79 year old Lee, who is 20 years of hypertension, patients with refractory hypertension, past due to poor blood pressure control and heart failure. 5 years ago, she was hard to breathe out, after inspection found to suffer from sleep apnea, the use of positive pressure ventilator, required medication by at least three reduced to a normal blood pressure.相关的主题文章:

Wang, gains apan awards and certificates overseas bursting with popularity (video)-ca1816

Wang, gains APAN awards and certificates of overseas Tencent before bursting with popularity entertainment news, the fifth APAN Star Awards awards ceremony ended in Seoul on October 2nd, the new Asian male god, with its exquisite deep acting and high popularity success won a Rising Star award, the only award became the first overseas Chinese star, this award he is also the harvest! After winning, because of busy filming a new movie the day failed to attend the award of the king, the first time for video said: "thank you very much APAN Star Award recognition of me, this time because of work reasons unable to attend the award I am very sorry, I will comply with you personally thank next time, thank you for my fans, I love you!" The video will draw a piece of cheers, the atmosphere immediately HIGH to the boiling point. In addition, the charm out of the new Asian male god, not only to personal record of Chinese film starring in Korean success, several invited on the Korean famous magazine cover, became the first free in the Korean fan meeting held personal star. At the same time, the king for the first time recently invited to attend the bazaar Charity Night, who donated ten ambulances and 700 thousand warm heart help charity, many users refer to bursting with warm heart. This time through the awards ceremony and the fans to meet the king of the mainland in a video way, once again caught the hearts of fans, in various media coverage, but also once again witnessed the king’s overseas high popularity! The king, that handsome debut "domineering male by love相关的主题文章:

Trump wants to rebuild the U.S. military or will increase 80 warships to restrict China – Sohu Milit-霍金hawking

Trump wants to rebuild military or increase 80 warships restricted China Military Channel – Sohu global network reported: the United States Republican candidate Trump won the presidential election, US media reported in November 9th, the results "not only that, beyond all expectations, the Republicans also managed to stay in the house and Senate majority. Under such a background, what is the relationship between the United States and its Asia Pacific allies after Trump’s office? Trump said during the campaign that he would seek peace with military strength, including the number of U.S. warships from the current 274 to an increase of 350. Trump’s security adviser said that the post election situation in the United States is conducive to the government of the United States after the entry into force to provide a stable funding for the reconstruction of the U.S. military, Trump. Trump Er Trump senior military guard China reconstruction security adviser Peter? Navarro (Peter Navarro) and Alexander Gray (Alexander Gray)? Published in the November 7th issue of foreign policy said in the article, the number of Chinese has exceeded U.S. Navy submarine submarines deployed in the Asia Pacific region, is expected to 2030, Chinese will have 100 submarines and 415 aircraft warships. The United States Navy is the most important resource to restrict China’s ambitions and maintain the stability of the Asia Pacific region. The two advisers said that Trump’s Navy reconstruction plan is to ensure that the United States of Asia allies, the United States continues to be the long-term security of the Asia Pacific region security. Trump said the United States as the center to protect allies worry about Trump during the presidential campaign he claimed that if the ruling, will be implemented in the interests of the United States as the center of foreign policy, and constantly complained that the United States of Europe and Asia Pacific allies not because the United States to protect and share the appropriate fee. After Trump’s election victory, some allies fear that they can’t expect the United States to lend a helping hand when they meet security threats. Australian National University National Security Institute Maeder Kaf (Rory Medcalf) wrote in November 9th, without the help of the United States, Australia’s national interests will not be fully protected; after Trump was elected, Australia’s alliance with the United States will continue, but will have real damage. He said, trump will require more than the previous president of the United States to Australia, but the feedback will be less. On the same day, Australian Prime Minister Turnbull said that Australia’s alliance with the United States will continue to be strong. However, he also said that the Asia Pacific countries should work together to convince the Trump administration to ensure that the United States continues to participate in the Asia Pacific Affairs in military and economic affairs.相关的主题文章: