15 year old sister to see the drowning guilty remorse home for 9 days yet to return (video) guitarpro5

15 year old sister to see the drowning guilty remorse home for 9 days not to "my son, your sister drowned and you never mind, we will not blame you, you go home, we are shaky!" 28 days afternoon 5 when, in a telephone interview with reporters, Zhenxiong County, Zhaotong city Rokkan Luo kancun Zhao Mingda choked, to have lost a full 9 day son Zhao Xuetao issued a heartbreaking call. Misfortune save sister brother left home 19 days this month at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the weather was hot, 15 year old Zhao Xuetao with her twin sister Zhao Li, together with the white water river at home in front of the play. A little, "splash" sound, Zhao Li accidentally fell into the river. Because it can not swim, Zhao Xuetao did not dare to rescue the water, only shouted for help. However, at that time in the vicinity of people are some young children, are afraid to save the river. Soon, Zhao Li was rushing water washed away, disappeared…… Later, the people came to find Zhao Li in the lower reaches, but she has unfortunately drowned. Zhao Xuetao and dumb as a wooden chicken tears, silent. The same day, he went back to take care of his grandmother’s home, secretly took a few hundred dollars in cash, ran away from home alone, is still in a state of loss. Father this thing does not blame his son quickly come back, Zhao Mingda said, although Zhao Xuetao and twin sister, often quarrel, but the heart still care about the sister of the Zhao Li. He believes that Zhao Li drowned, Zhao Xuetao ran away from home may have 3, one is sad, is the two era, the three is the fear of parents abuse. "Now, all of us are looking forward to the day and night, hoping that he will come home early." Zhao Mingda said that the character of Zhao Xuetao is more eccentric, usually not much. Zhao Mingda admitted that their father and son relationship is not good, even a little nervous and alienated. Over the past 10 years, in order to make a living, Zhao Mingda and his wife perennial migrant workers. 7 years ago, the couple had to bring Zhao Xuetao to the work of Zhejiang Jiaxing city in the local school, finished primary school grade 5, and back home Rokkan junior high school reading, the reading grade before leaving. "I usually have a problem with his way of teaching. I have to change it." Zhao Mingda said ruefully, his temper is irritable, plus Zhao Xuetao day "was be scanty of words, Japanese stocks (dialect, not very obedient)", so he no less beaten son, the son is beaten, more with his "anti" (dialect, refers to the anti), had two times away from home, but also to return home after leaving home. The son was sent back home after reading, because he was busy working outside the family, and son rarely communicate the same bad. "Where are you, my son? I beg you, hurry home, dad will get rid of their mistakes!" Zhao Mingda choking. See the child please call his father Zhao Xuetao 19 days after running away from home, the family worried, has been looking for, but also help WeChat circle of friends, GF missing. Unfortunately, as of 8 pm press time, Zhao Xuetao still completely not heard from. "If I can’t find my son, I really don’t know how long it will take us all." Zhao Mingda said death相关的主题文章: