4 burglar losses in small stores were nearly 20 thousand monitored by burglars-shuyue

Shop 4 times by Qiaodao lost nearly 20 thousand thieves monitoring and recording process in October 6th at 17:50 PM, I take the construction of the village of Xiaochang County town garden a group of villagers Ms. Sun Huiling said rebellion, which opened a small shop at home, since the Spring Festival this year has four times been Qiaodao, total loss of nearly 20 thousand yuan. And this afternoon the store again by the thieves to patronize, 900 yuan in cash and 3000 yuan worth of cigarettes stolen, but this time she installed to monitor the probe, record the whole process into the hospital and was over the wall of qiaodao. The Sun Huiling family in Bayi school with a road about 600 meters east of the South Gate of the house, towards the road, canteen and bedroom is a brick structure, are in the yard. 6 at noon because of something out, Sun Huiling will be the bedroom and canteen and kitchen door shut, locked the gate out. She just returned home to find that the canteen door is open, the inside of the cash and cigarettes when she suddenly take wings to itself, a few days before the installation of home monitoring probe, through the playback finally saw wearing a plaid shirt young, turning walls came after the whole process of committing the crime of qiaodao. The surveillance video showed that at 12:58 a young man in a floral checker shirt came to the gate of the courtyard on a battery car and looked inside. 13 hours 01 minutes 42 seconds, the man over the wall into the hospital, and then go to the kitchen. 13 hours, 02 minutes and 20 seconds. After the door was broken, the man returned to the kitchen and picked up an object. He broke the door of the shop again at 13 hours and 03 minutes, and then opened the door to enter the snack bar after 6 seconds. After entering the store, the man wearing a plaid shirt young went straight to open the money behind the container, the tin began to take the cash inside, and then open the cupboard, the smoke inside and a cigarette out, put into a plastic bag and then in the side gate to squat. See no one around to leave. Sun Huiling and her husband Zuo Youhua said angrily, after the Spring Festival this year, the home was Qiaodao, 5000 yuan in cash and cigarettes and canteen take wings to itself, the bedroom door was broken, they had no choice but to replace the two doors; the day before the festival, the family was again Qiaodao, more than 6000 yuan in cash and cigarettes stolen, the bedroom and the canteen door is damaged, they again replaced the two doors; in early September, third thieves Qiaomen wall into the hospital, stole 5000 yuan in cash and cigarettes, Sun Huiling had to find someone to replace the lock core. 孙惠玲和左幼华最开始怀疑是熟人作案,前3次每次都是他们不在家时,盗贼翻墙进院盗走现金和香烟,于是找人在家里安装了监控设施,没有想到这次虽然录下了盗贼作案的全过程,但是他们和本村的村民均不认识作案青年,只好报了警。 At present, Xiaochang police have been involved in the investigation. The scavenger pays more attention to [big Chu Xiaogan] to get more information!

小店4次遭撬盗损失近2万 监控记录窃贼作案过程 10月6日17时50分许,笔者接孝昌县花园镇联建村一组村民孙惠玲女士报料称,其在家中开了个小卖部,自今年春节以来先后四次遭到撬盗,总损失近2万元。而今天下午其小店再次遭盗贼光顾,900多元的现金和价值3000多元的香烟被盗走,好在这次她安装了监控探头,记录下小贼翻墙进院和撬盗的全过程。孙惠玲家在八一学校以南600米左右的一条小路东侧,其家的院门朝着小路,小卖部和卧室是砖瓦结构,均在小院里面。6日中午由于有事外出,孙惠玲将卧室和小卖部以及厨房的门关好后,锁上了院门外出。等她办完事回到家里发现,小卖部的门是开的,里面的现金和香烟不翼而飞,这时她突然想到前几天家里安装了监控探头,通过回放终于见到了一名穿花格子衬衣的青年,翻院墙进来后撬盗作案的全过程。监控录像显示,12时58分许,一名穿花格子衬衣的青年骑着一辆电瓶车来到院门口后,朝里面张望了一下。13时01分42秒,该男子翻墙进入院内,然后走到厨房。13时02分20秒,该男子撬小卖部的门无果后,返回厨房拿了个物件,于13时03分再次撬小卖部的门,仅用6秒钟将门撬开后进入小卖部内。进入小卖部以后,该名穿花格子衬衣的青年径直走到货柜后面,打开装钱的铁盒开始拿里边的现金,然后打开柜子,将里边的散烟和成条的香烟拿了出来,装进一个塑料袋中,然后在侧门处蹲下来,见左右无人后离开。孙惠玲和其丈夫左幼华气愤地说,今年春节过后,家里就遭到撬盗,5000多元的现金和香烟不翼而飞,卧室和小卖部的门被撬坏,他们只好更换了这两扇门;清明节前一天,家里再次遭撬盗,6000多元的现金和香烟被盗走,卧室和小卖部的门被损坏,他们再次更换了这两扇门;9月上旬,小偷第三次翻墙进院,撬门盗走5000多元的现金和香烟,孙惠玲只好找人更换了锁芯。孙惠玲和左幼华最开始怀疑是熟人作案,前3次每次都是他们不在家时,盗贼翻墙进院盗走现金和香烟,于是找人在家里安装了监控设施,没有想到这次虽然录下了盗贼作案的全过程,但是他们和本村的村民均不认识作案青年,只好报了警。目前孝昌警方已经介入调查。扫码关注【大楚孝感】,获取更多新资讯!相关的主题文章: