4 men with guns broke card escape after the last 1 suspects arrested dxperience

4 men with guns broke card escape after the last 1 suspects were arrested for armed swat. Beijing News reporter Wang Fei photo original title: Henan Xinxiang gunmen break card case last one suspects arrested Beijing News News (reporter Wang Yu) today (August 31st) at noon, the Beijing News reporter from Jiangsu Xiangshui County Public Security Bureau, Henan Xinxiang armed Chuang card case last one suspects have been arrested in the escape, in the territory of Xiangshui yesterday afternoon. The Beijing News reported earlier, August 24th at 8:40 in the morning, Xinxiang City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police on duty, no license to KIA K5 car in the intersection of urban road and highway 107 plain inventory in a black car, suddenly break card, fled to the North Korean rural village of Yanjin county and rock roll off the roadside ditch, the car down 4 the man fled south to the corn. More than passers-by, said the car down a few people, at least one person armed and shot to the police. After the Xinxiang police to the Beijing News reporter confirmed that there is indeed a suspect shot to the police on duty. As of August 25th, Xinxiang police have arrested 3 suspects last suspect flight line Jiangsu guannaxian 37 year old Hu Mingliang. At noon today, the Beijing News reporter from Xiangshui County Public Security Bureau Publicity Department confirmed that Hu Mingliang has been arrested by the police yesterday afternoon, the police still disclosed details of arrest. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: