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41 insurance companies QDII the amount of $31 billion 150 million in venture capital to increase the amount of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money at present, overseas investment of insurance funds accounted for the size of the insurance industry’s total assets ratio of about 2%, from 15% of the upper limit is still a large space in the newspaper reporter Liu Jingyuan since the second half of 2012 to gradually relax the investment scope of venture capital investment, for more varieties of investment qualification. For example, you can enhance the liquidity management of CD, the level of risk is similar to non-standard, but with higher mobility of PPN and other private nature of the bonds, such as gold, treasury bonds, etc.. Meanwhile, the risk of overseas capital allocation increased demand, but also hope to increase the amount of DQII. Calls for increased investment in new varieties in the seventeenth days before the annual meeting of Chinese actuarial insurance information management, veteran voice, hope that the regulatory agencies continue to promote market-oriented reform of insurance funds, insurance funds to expand the area of investment, to achieve the optimal allocation of assets in a wider range of investment. For example, by opening up the CD (NCDs), bond lending can enhance liquidity management, increase the non bank financial institutions bonds, PPN (non-public debt financing instruments), private debt, debt sustainability and other new varieties of credit, gold, bond futures and other investment products. This is the industry’s common appeal. In the field of fixed income insurance information management on the "Securities Daily" the reporter said, since 2014, the market PPN the private nature of the bond issuance increased, with the non-standard risk degree is similar to that of income gap is smaller, and has higher liquidity, investment is also more convenient. Just venture capital has not yet liberalized investment in private bonds, if you let go, there will be a significant investment in non-standard alternatives." The configuration of gold can achieve multiple effects. Analysis of a brokerage analyst, first of all, gold and general financial assets are relatively low, you can diversify the risk of portfolio. Secondly, gold is used to hedge the tail of the risk of liquidity is good, and credit risk and counterparty risk is low, low volatility. Again, the good gold hedge against inflation, deflation and currency devaluation. The second half of 2012, China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a number of venture capital to use the new deal, venture capital investment in the field of a substantial liberalization. At present, the range of venture capital investment, including domestic liquidity, domestic fixed income assets, domestic equity assets and insurance Asset Management Co issued the infrastructure investment plan, equity investment plans, real estate investment plans, asset backed plan etc.. And this round of liberalization is also directly driven by the configuration of the structure of venture capital changes, alternative assets because it is more suitable for style robust, large scale, long period of venture capital characteristics, gradually occupy an important position in the insurance information management. At the end of June this year, 12 trillion and 560 billion yuan of insurance funds balance, offbeat investment 4 trillion and 300 billion yuan, accounting for 34.22%, has exceeded the size of the bond risk capital allocation (4 trillion and 210 billion yuan) and the proportion (33.49%), became the first major asset risk capital allocation. The theory of risk相关的主题文章: