Assad if Trump promises us Iran and Syria will become a natural ally beef怎么读�

Assad: if Trump promises us Iran and Syria will become a natural ally of data figure: U.S. ground troops deployed in Syria, according to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported on November 16th, the president of Syria Bashar · Assad in the 15 television interview that the U.S. President elect Donald · if Trump came to power to fight against terrorist commitment the United States will, like Russia, Iran and other countries has become a natural ally of Syria "". Reported that this is Trump won the U.S. election, the first time this voice of Assad. He also said that Trump can not be determined to fulfill the commitment to combat jihad. "We can’t predict his policies, but if he’s going to fight terrorists, then we will certainly become allies and become a natural ally with Russia, Iran and other countries," said Assad. The report also said that Trump had declared in the campaign stage will fight the Islamic state extremist organizations, which, said Assad, a cautious welcome. "I would say this is a promise, but can he deliver it?" Assad said in English, "can he do it? What are the opposing forces within the US government and the mainstream media? How can he deal with it?"相关的主题文章: