Guangdong’s first use of bot+epc mode will be opened to traffic a year ahead of schedule 木村kaela

Guangdong’s first high-speed road BOT+EPC mode will be opened a year earlier – Beijing new network in Zhaoqing in November 1, (Suo Youwei Duan Jianxin Liang Qianfan) (Zhao Qingduan) Foshan Expressway Project (hereinafter referred to as "Foshan project"), as Guangdong province highway construction field for the first time using the "BOT+EPC" management mode for construction projects. The end of this year will be opened to traffic, a year earlier than the approval period, create a new record in highway construction in Guangdong province. In November 1st, 2016 foreign media day in Zhaoqing large gathering launched in Guangdong city of Zhaoqing Province, Beijing reporters get the news in an interview. Foshan East Project in Zhaoqing city high tech Development Zone, Dinghu, Duanzhou, to the west by four, Gaoyao, Deqin, Fengkai and Guangdong and Guangxi at the junction of the two provinces, a total length of about 174.9 km. Project investment budget of about 21 billion 290 million yuan. Foshan Expressway opened, the hub of the gateway city construction of Zhaoqing city into the Pearl River Delta, connecting the southwest, realize the industry and the development of people’s livelihood, plays an important role in promoting. "BOT+EPC" is a set of management mode of investment and financing, design, construction, procurement, operations in one of the project management mode, BOT (refer to "construction – operation – transfer") and EPC (referred to as "design – Procurement – Construction) the combination of two modes of phase. It has been widely used in the field of capital construction in the world, and it has been put into practice in 2011 after the promulgation of the regulations for the implementation of the bidding law in China, and it is also an important form of the PPP mode of the government and social capital cooperation. According to reports, Foshan West high speed in the construction of Guangxi Wuzhou city expressway, the Guangxi Liuwu high speed after the completion of the opening, Foshan will become the Pearl River Delta by high-speed Guangxi to Guiyang the most efficient high-speed channel. As an important channel of Guangdong and Guangxi provinces, Guangzhou Foshan Zhaoqing high speed is an important means to expand radiation Pearl River Delta economy and realize the economic integration, is an important carrier of the national "Pearl River, West River Economic Belt of the new strategy. Foshan East to the project in the construction of Shijing to Guangzhou high-speed Foshan Zhaoqing Dawang, Hajime Guangfo high-speed whole after the opening, the fastest in Guangzhou just 40 minutes to arrive in Zhaoqing. High speed tourism resources along Foshan rich and famous tourist attractions in Dinghu mountain, Panlong Gorge, Dragon Mother Temple, Fengkai Geological Park etc.. In order to protect the landscape of Dinghu mountain, the construction of Dinghu Mountain Tunnel No. 2 was conducted by using the method of underground tunnel, at an investment of 232 million yuan. Foshan project has entered the final stage of the construction, total investment of about 20 billion 690 million yuan, accounting for 97.16% of the approved budget. (end)相关的主题文章: