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How far is it far only for attractive and large crab crab legs lead: is the best time for a year to eat crab. Golden rich cream, fresh white crab, the temptation of moreish. In addition to Chinese eat crabs, in every corner of the world, and what did not want delicious crab, to follow the TripAdvisor way to eat cat Eagle eat! (source: TripAdvisor cat. Author: TripAdvisor cat. Eagle Eagle) (original title: "in order to attractive and large crab crab legs you can go far? ) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Shanghai Palace China crab Chenglong line distance index: < 1 stars Chenglong Chenglong crab crab palace in Shanghai’s downtown area, the environment decoration is very retro, is a good place for Shanghai’s famous crab. The crab crab crab tofu, steamed buns, rice is absolutely not to be missed authentic delicious meat, very fresh, a mouth and a mouth, do not stop. A long crab meal Coconut Juice Palace also is just a good moderate sweetness of black rice dessert. Crab shrimp and crab tofu is the store features, no smell, very fresh, good steamed crab. Steamed crab, thin filling, very delicious. Braised lion head, delicious meat quantity, much less crab soup is delicious. Business Hours: 11:00-14:00, 17:00-22:00: 400 yuan per capita Chinese address: No. 216 Jiujiang Road, Shanghai City, Huangpu District bridge spicy crab Chinese Hongkong distance index: 1 stars under the bridge spicy crab store in Hongkong has a special name, that is the "star meal hall", the door was covered with the domestic and foreign various stars, politicians to store photos to join. "The bottom of the bridge spicy crab" is a popular point of the signature dishes, you can point not spicy, but it is best to point at least a little spicy, the price is calculated according to the weight, will take a fresh crab to you before you take it to cook. Under the bridge spicy crab in addition to spicy crab, eat a lot of guests are almost all of these dishes — large shrimp Huang (really thick arm), pepper fried clams, snails cooked spicy wine flowers. There is here the diners, most of them do not eat Steamed Rice, but some pieces of meat and oyster congee. Business Hours: 18:00- and 6:00 per capita: HK $700 (about 607 yuan) address: Hongkong, Philippines, Po Tsai 414-424 1-2, his Japanese underground crab Sapporo distance index: 2 stars from the long history of the crab crab dishes crab model shop, huge door, impressive. Here is very popular with Chinese tourists, so the shop has a Chinese menu, very convenient. Crab hot pot and crab meal volume is very large, so you have a crab addiction. This crab crab is very fresh, not frozen ice that can be compared directly to eat sashimi and a touch of sweetness. Tools to give you a lot, will teach you how to take out the crab legs of the meat, roasted slightly after the taste, eat this flavor is very good. You can add y Shabu相关的主题文章: