The last batch of chemical weapons in Libya was sent to Germany for destruction jcuv是什么车

Libya is the last batch of chemical weapons being shipped to Germany to destroy the Sohu news Xinhua Tunisia on 30 August, (reporter Zhang Xuanrui Su Xiaopo) Tripoli news: Libya national unity government officials said 30 days, Libya last batch of chemical weapons in the Danish ship assistance was 27, from the port of misrata to destroy germany. The national unity government deputy prime minister Moussa confirmed that the last batch of chemical weapons? Cooney delivery operations said, all the territory of Libya chemical weapons have all been sent abroad to destroy. 19, the Danish Parliament voted to approve the government to send ships to participate in the international operation of chemical weapons escorted out of Libya. Danish Foreign Minister Jensen said that the delivery of the last batch of chemical weapons in Libya is to prevent these deadly weapons falling into the hands of extremist groups. In 2004, Libya officially became a signatory to the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons and pledged to destroy all chemical weapons. The fall of the Al-qaddafi regime in 2011 after the destruction of the work was interrupted. Along with the Islamic state and other extremist organizations with unrest in Libya territory expansion, increasing security risks remaining chemical weapons. Libya authorities in July 16, 2016 sent a letter to the OPCW, said it had all remaining chemical weapons shipped to the north of the country location, because Libya is currently facing a severe security challenges, request the OPCW and the relevant parties to provide assistance for the destruction of chemical weapons. In July 20th, the OPCW Executive Council made the decision, please no director general by the organization to assist Libya for the destruction of chemical weapons program, and called on the international community to assist. In July 22nd, the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution authorizing states to assist Libya in the fastest and safest way to destroy chemical weapons stocks.相关的主题文章: