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Israel impression: (1) the Telaviv-Yafo Airport with eye – Sohu tourist plane morning departure from Beijing, flying nearly 12 hours after Israel time 8:48 arrived in Israel "the ancient Tel Aviv Aéroport Lyon Saint-Exupéry, with the local tourism bureau officials accompanied for a variety of customs formalities. "The ancient Leon" is the first Prime Minister of Israel, Tel Aviv is a young city, only 100 years of history, is Israel’s economic and cultural center, the Mediterranean coast city, September is the best tourist Israel, at about 30 degrees Celsius during the day, there is a very good coastline around the coast of soft the beach, and is open, open for all citizens and tourists… This ride is Hainan Airlines flight model is good, the Airbus A330, economy class seats appear to be wider than general models, but continued to take 12 hours, but also very uncomfortable. Because of some diplomatic issues, flights to Tel Aviv can only fly over the Mediterranean sea. The display on the front seat of the seat clearly shows that the aircraft has entered the Tel Aviv "ancient Lyon" international airport. Coming down from the plane, it takes a long passage. Because there are officials of the local tourism bureau, so it is easy to go through the customs, luggage is waiting for a long time. After taking the luggage to meet with the local tour guide, he said the exchange rate will be much higher in the airport, to go to the outside exchange affordable. Later, in the ancient city near the flea market in the dollar exchange of Israeli currency thanks to Kerr. China, Israel and the currency temporarily unable to direct exchange. Ready to walk out of the airport hall, "the ancient Leon" sculpture at the door, he is the first Prime Minister of State of Israel. "Festival Lights" is a biblical relic in Israel, it exists everywhere. It is said that in the Bible "offering light" the history of the Empire of Rome out, these are later imitation relics. Out of the airport gate, is the taxi station, you can see that each of the pillars are equipped with monitoring. Tel Aviv is a Mediterranean coastal city, where the sandy beach is very delicate, more valuable is that the beach here is no fence, open to anyone can enter the sea and enjoy playing. 21ours 21ours 21ours 21ours 21ours, Yang Guangshe guest: a news photographer, to share with you the beautiful scenery, humane anecdote.相关的主题文章: