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The merchant of unknown "drowned" are called "love death" morgue funeral 1500 days – Sohu in Jiangsu province Gaoyou city news a young entrepreneur Chen Dejun to run the relationship do production qualification, the night when he was the Gaoyou Municipal Committee, deputy director of the office of comprehensive gifts home in the morning but was now a foul ditch "drowned". In this regard, the deputy director’s wife Dailey explained that Chen Dejun is the "love Dutch act", Chen Dejun wife Xiao Jing believes that the 9 year old Chen Dejun Dailey older scars, Chen the death suspicious, the suspect was beaten by fainted after was put into the gutter drowned. To trace the cause of death, Zhou Xiaojing called on the relevant departments involved in the re identification of the body of Chen Dejun, and asked the public security organs for investigation. The event lasted more than 4 years without progress. However, as Zhou Xiaojing is still in the running for the various things, but received a local funeral home lawyer sent a letter, urge the families of the cremation of Chen German bodies and pay 150 thousand yuan dead storage costs. In this regard, Zhou Xiaojing calls to public security identification, and find the cause of death for love. The young entrepreneur "drowned" unknown morgue funeral 1500 days recently, who lives in Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province, Zhou Xiaojing received a lawyer’s letter, the letter issued by the Jiangsu people’s lawyer, said it is by Gaoyou City funeral home Commission, asked Zhou Xiaojing to her husband Chen De’s body in the treatment. Zhou Xiaojing received a lawyer’s letter. The lawyer said, since August 12, 2012, the remains of the German army was sent to the funeral home refrigeration, has been 1500 days. Because the storage time has been seriously overdue, calculated in accordance with 100 yuan a day, storage costs amounted to 150 thousand yuan, the funeral home to pay fee and refrigerated cremation handling procedures, to the city of Gaoyou within 15 days of the week for Xiao Jing letter received date or liability arising will be borne by Zhou Xiaojing. "My husband went to the Committee and deputy director of the comprehensive management of home gifts, it is covered with wounds, it was unclear not dead," Zhou Xiao Jing got the lawyer’s letter immediately rushed to the funeral home in Gaoyou to discuss that. According to a recording shows, Zhou Xiaojing to the Gaoyou City funeral home a person in charge of the German non normal petition husband Chen after the death of his 4 years has asked the local police to re identification of the Chen Dejun body, but has no progress, recording Zhou Xiaojing said "I’m willing to pay for cold storage costs, but how you pick the funeral home the body should be issued by the relevant formalities to me". But in this regard, the person in charge of the funeral home Zhou Xiaojing should find the local police to solve the problem. Young entrepreneurs choushuigou "drowning, he usually outside.socializing, never more than 11 points to go home at night. But that evening from 9 in the morning, I kept calling him until 1 am the next day, he was on the phone sounds confused to say ‘I and they accidentally fell asleep, I immediately go back. "." Zhou Xiaojing said that this is the last sound left to the family of Chen Dejun. Wearing the front of the house monitoring display, 12:53 PM Xu, she hurried out of the house by a car pick up. Zhou Xiaojing suspected that Chen Dejun had been knocked out, by his own phone, said the sentence in a coma, and then it was thrown into the river.相关的主题文章: