9· 11 bill hit between the US Saudi media threatened retaliation solid converter

"9· 11" bill hit between the US Saudi media threatened retaliation data figure: Saudi Arabia held 20 national military exercises dispatched the most expensive tank original title: "9· 11" bill hit between the US public opinion from the outgoing Saudi Arabia threatened retaliation for only 3 months, the United States President Obama Ku bitter block not to let their "9· 11;" the families of the victims of terrorist attacks against the Saudi government that a dramatic comeback: local time on September 28th, the U.S. Congress were more than 97 to 1 and 348 to 77 of the overwhelming majority of "overthrow the Obama 9· veto 11" bill, this is the first time in his presidency by the Congress overrode the veto. The news is very large. Saudi television issued a tough response: "Saudi Arabia may freeze and formal official U.S. exchanges, to withdraw trillion dollars from the American economy, and to persuade Saudi Gulf allies take the same attitude, and even freeze cooperation in economic, military, anti – terrorism in the United States and the region." The major news sites, 29 daily on the home page prominently reported this news. Saudi Okaz said the "mainstream media", "Saudi Arabia has a strong response." The article quoted the Arabia – President of the American Chamber of Commerce Hamdel: "Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil exporter, the Gulf region’s largest economy, with many trade partners in Asia and Europe, the United States is not the only choice!" the Middle East analysts believe that as a response from the United States, Saudi Arabia may withdraw, Saudi assets in the United States between 500 billion and 10000 dollars. Saudi Arabia will also persuade Gulf partners to reduce cooperation with the United States in counter-terrorism, limiting the use of the U.S. military bases in the region, as well as to reduce investment in the United states. The former US ambassador to Saudi ambassador Charles · Freeman believes that the Saudi response on the bill will harm the strategic interests of the United states. U.S. News Fawkes said 29 days, Saudi Arabia will not easily let "9· 11" bill is implemented, for instance, last year the Swedish foreign minister Mengpi Saudi human rights record, and Saudi Arabia launched a fierce diplomatic battle, will be opposite of Sweden in Arabia world, the Swedish interests in the Middle East are severely damaged, "this game later in Sweden. End". Gulf States have shown a tendency to support Saudi arabia. "This is a clear signal to the United States and the rest of the world," said Abdullah, a professor at the University of the United Arab Emirates. "A Gulf country is being treated unfairly and other countries should support it. All countries will stand on the side of Saudi arabia." Bahrain "central newspaper" 29 days in a statement in support of Saudi position, also did not forget to criticize Obama’s Middle East Policy: "the United States has long been the leading position in the Middle East has gone for ever, Washington’s move will only make yourself injured." Saudi Arabia is the most important American allies in the Gulf region, but in recent years, Obama will adhere to the strategic focus to the Asia Pacific, the Middle East in the "moderate withdrawal", mesago rift between several days and months multiplying soothing journey, "can only ease the situation on the surface. Financial times"相关的主题文章: