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The second China (Ningxia) RV Tourism Cultural Festival opened in Ningxia Tourism – travel channel to the east gate to commemorate the victory of the Red Army and the celebration of the 80 anniversary of the liberation of Yanchi, promote RV camping tourism industry development, will carry out the second China to 13 days on October 11, 2016 (Ningxia) RV Tourism Cultural Festival, China Western RV travel industry forum and the Horse Lake RV campground Yanchi flower opening ceremony activities. Salt is the east gate of Ningxia, is located in Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region at the junction of four provinces, has a long history, splendid culture, special natural environment, the ancient "on the Great Wall, screen desert", known as "the spirit, dear Xia Huan Qing Lapel throat", since ancient times is lush, fat cattle and sheep frontier oasis, nomadic culture, farming culture interweave wondrousplace was liberated in 1936, the old revolutionary base areas, enjoy Chinese Tan Village, Chinese licorice Township, township, Chinese China S.alopecuroides buckwheat Township and the Great Wall Museum award, national health county, the county is the landscape. In recent years, Yanchi county government to the development of the tourism industry as a breakthrough to promote the third industrial development, accelerate the adjustment of economic structure, introduction of the "opinions" on further accelerate the development of cultural tourism industry, focus on shaping the ancient the Great Wall, red and green areas of Yanchi "Tourism brand, the core design of the the Great Wall tour and Haba Lake Tour two tourist routes, to build the revolutionary martyrs memorial park, desert botanical garden, Haba Lake scenic area, the ancient ruins of the Great Wall, the ancient city of Zhang Jia Chang, Wu Ying Xing Ling Temple, such as the ancient city of tourism, red tourism, launched leisure vacation travel, eco tours, the Great Wall Temple adventure tour, seek ancient rural experience tourism etc. tourism products. A revolution in the history of the memorial park is the national classic red tourism scenic area, more than 60 units will be identified as the education practice base. Haba Lake scenic area, a beautiful ecological environment, won the "China the most beautiful village" title, rich tourism projects, reception facilities. The Great Wall tourism zone is the self driving tourism routes of the new building, a total length of 60 km, which can read the driving tour, the ancient culture of the Great Wall, enjoy the prairie scenery, feel the history of flying dream, relax amidst the winds of change. In order to promote the tourism brand, Yanchi county to carry out publicity forms of tourism image, showcase the charm of cultural tourism, has held four eco tourism festival, held the two sheep Festival series of cultural tourism activities, to enhance the visibility and influence of foreign yanchi. At present, the county has 2 AAA level scenic spots, four star hotel, three star hotels, travel agencies, 5, farmhouse, music, more than and 50, a total of 1. In 2015, on the eastern part of Ningxia tourism in Yanchi built tourism circle emerging tourism destination goal, county finance invested about 80000000 yuan to support the development of the tourism industry, prominent the Great Wall scenic area, close the Haba Lake Ecological Tourism Zone, flower Horse Lake RV campsite, Yanchi Revolution History Memorial Garden, Yanchi rural tourism five carrier aviation carnival, car camping conference, autumn leaves, to watch the season national skydiving Championships, the National Cycling Invitational, the Great Wall walking contest six brand activities. The focus will be on the basis of the Great Wall Tourism Zone, general airport, revolutionary historical Memorial Park and so on相关的主题文章: