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Scan two-dimensional code can also pay parking fines? Lie to you! Fake ticket fraud means of tricks, this is just a routine, the kernel has not changed — brush dimensional code. What has happened is that recently, some Guangdong people in the WeChat circle of friends and local news forum, said he found in the car a strange "illegal public parking", and attach the relevant pictures. According to the picture, this "public parking violation" emblazoned with the vehicle in the X year X month X day in Guangdong in violation of the "road traffic safety law" provisions of article fifty-sixth, please take this notice to the Guangdong province Huizhou city Huicheng District Road No. 25 building a civilized traffic, in addition to a number, address and contact information, is also covered with the Huizhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment of the seal and the two-dimensional code payment. But people are puzzled that the specific time, place, illegal acts, fines, license plate number and other basic information of vehicle traffic violations are not. Huizhou traffic police department quickly responded that the criminals posing as police posted illegally parked ticket fraud, and pay a fine way to sweep through. After the incident, Huizhou police after nearly 30 hours of continuous fighting, the suspects were arrested in the last 2 hours. As a result, many anti fraud Center issued an emergency notice to remind the owners to guard against a new type of fraud specifically for the driver. Recently, some parts of the country have a new scam for the owner, the owner found his car was posted a ticket". In this electronic printing ticket also has a two-dimensional code fast payment channel. After scanning, will enter the payment transfer page, and then guide the owners to pay the transfer penalty". Anti fraud center reminded that the country does not currently have any area in the two-dimensional code on the ticket to pay the penalty for violation of the code. Therefore, the majority of owners do not pay any illegal fees through the two-dimensional code! The police said that the case of the scam is rare, the use of the Internet sweep yards payment means of payment with fake police documents that are highly confusing than traditional fraud, people easily deceived, considerable social harm.相关的主题文章: