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Haoran health assessment: the day financial investment strategy is like a roller coaster market breakthrough rangebound clients view the latest market Tuesday disk, the foreign exchange market and the market of precious metals trading varieties have suffered different degrees of decline, the market has digested the Monday fed governor Nader’s speech blake. Although Renard’s speech is full of dovish remarks, the U.S. currency has not been too much support, not released on Monday, the lack of power, on Tuesday was fully released. Operating conditions throughout the entire market, into the daily level of shock wave, that is to say, the market once again into a pressure under the support of rangebound. Dollar index closed at 95.56 on Tuesday, up by 0.44%. From a technical point of view, the dollar index is out of a standard triangle finishing, and now has reached the top of the triangle, facing a breakthrough, the future direction will soon be clear. From the recent trend as well as the fundamentals of the situation, the possibility of a breakthrough in the dollar index is very large. This unilateral dollar index will expand a line level rise. It should be said that the technical breakthrough conditions have been met, waiting for the fundamentals. Next week the Federal Open Market Committee meeting will be held, voted the latest U.S. interest rates, the market expected the meeting dollar interest rates will remain unchanged, but has high expectations for the end of the dollar interest rate market, so the interest rate announcement, the main market sentiment is expected to hike in the end will occupy the market. The effects of emotion, the dollar rose sharply should be reasonable, the first of a daily level of unilateral rise, is expected to achieve. Investors should grasp this round of market, which will become the main tone from now until the end of the market. In yesterday’s disk, the biggest decline is the largest increase in the previous trading varieties. The Australian dollar fell sharply, fell on Tuesday fell to the lowest point in August 31st, the short-term decline in place, as the shock of the market, the market will be here to build the bottom of the short-term. New Zealand dollar against the U.S. dollar is also very large decline, driven by the 5 day moving average down, and began to cross the medium-term average, indicating that the market will enter into the shock, the short term has been produced on the top. Dollar rose sharply, rangebound running standard, above the pressure in 1.32, below support at 1.28 dollars in this interval and shocks, in the market before the breakthrough, to maintain the shock trading ideas. The euro against the dollar is relatively resilient, 1.13 at the top of the resistance is very large, under strong pressure in the short, the market is also losing ground, run down, so drop shock is the main tone. Sterling against the dollar, the previous round of gains did not break through the highest point in July 15th, and now the pullback fell, officially into the range of shocks. Gold fell for six consecutive days, in between the shocks, will test at the end of August at the bottom, which is 1300 of the support, so there is a short-term decline in space. Silver and gold prices, exactly the same, short-term still bears thinking, to break out until the U.S. dollar change ideas clear. In recent days, non US currencies and precious metals,.相关的主题文章: