Grape technology first line store experience in Shanghai city science and technology Sohu 霍金hawking

Grape technology first line store experience in Shanghai city science and technology Sohu – Texun November 8th news: full sense of science and technology of bright purple vision, from outer planet spacecraft modeling, integration of technology and playful capsule, console, Captain room, all kinds of AI, AR’s black technology products, and a simple fashion for children "red net store opened, Shanghai there was a paradise for children! In November 8th, grape technology first line store experience in Shanghai City Shopping Center, officially opened. This is just set up two grape technology’s first line store experience, grape technology from the beginning, hope is full of imagination and exploration spirit through the creation of technology products and cultural products to change children’s future way of life. Over the past two years, the grape science and technology has been launched 13 children’s science and technology products, the formation of children’s science and technology toys, children’s scientific and technological life, children’s computer robot three product lines. All the grapes of science and technology products will be in the grape science and technology experience in the store with the user zero distance contact. Grape park is located in downtown Shanghai (Joy City store) Jingan District No. 166 North Road in Tibet City Shopping Center (South) S610 shops, the shop area of 93 square meters, shops overall simulation of alien spacecraft local warehousing, exterior is made of metal elements in black the door inside the spaceship technology to highlight the image, store internal capsule, console, captain. Room, the children can observe the beauty of the universe. Bin. The overall style of the shop with a sense of childlike sense of integration of science and technology, and a concise fashion, in line with the modern aesthetic taste of parents and children. "The overall shape of the store from the earth four hundred light years, the star of a star in the constellation taurus. After a long trek, over the course of a series of difficulties, the Portuguese Man piloted the ship to earth for the first time. Our mission is to help children on earth to better complete their homework, to accompany them to play, to develop their interests, with their happy growth!" Grape Park designers such as design ideas and ideas introduced the first experience store, "the inside of the shell of black metal, our ships for the children to create a safe and comfortable, bright lights, simple lines, strong sense of technology experience platform, also welcomed the earth some kids to manipulate our ships." The grapes of science and technology, the full name of "Shanghai grapes latitude Technology Co. Ltd.", dedicated to children aged 3-12 to create a full life, with their imagination and spirit of exploration technology products and cultural products, the imagination into reality using the world advanced technology, to lead the children to explore the unknown endless, the guardian of the child Everfount curiosity. The layout of science and technology, animation, high-end grape grape parent-child clothing brand Pu Le, grape parks, ecological creating children’s life style in the future. Grape park will become the user contact grape technology product line positions, the children can be in the full sense of the future of the park playing in the high-tech products, full of positive energy watching animation, become the most close friends with the Portuguese star partners. According to the relevant person in charge of grape science and technology, grape science and technology this year will be in Shanghai and Hangzhou out of the other two 200 square meters.相关的主题文章: