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Vietnam International wanted former executives of state-owned enterprises had to treat the grounds from the country did not return – Sohu news [Global Times reported] 17, Vietnamese police executives, state-owned oil and gas company scandal after Jiang Province People’s Committee of former vice president Zheng Chuncheng issued an international arrest warrant, accusing its position during the improper disposal of assets of the company, causing major the loss of the company. Zheng Chuncheng is one of the highest level of Vietnam in recent years to apprehend the corrupt officials, had been shipping, finance and Transportation Department officials sacked. According to the Vietnamese "Youth Daily" reported that 16, Vietnamese police 4 former executives of national oil and gas group construction of Limited by Share Ltd’s arrest, the 4 men were charged with intentional violation of national economic management regulations ", and" serious consequences". "Youth Daily" said, Zheng Chuncheng is one of the goals of the arrest, but when he has absconded". August of this year, Zheng Chuncheng to leave the country on the grounds of treatment has not yet returned. Media said Zheng Chuncheng in 2009, the national oil and gas group in Vietnam to build high-level Limited by Share Ltd. As the management of the company in Zheng Chuncheng et al., the company from a successful profit enterprises quickly become serious losses, which only in 2012 to 2013 the loss is as high as 3 trillion and 300 billion vnd (about 980 million yuan). However, these losses are concealed by management. "Daily News" said Vietnam, 2013 election, director Zheng Chuncheng will leave the construction company, Zhejiang Province People’s committee vice chairman after. In June this year, Zheng Chuncheng aboard the super luxury car has become a target for all: the public and the media have denounced the provincial officials take $230 thousand worth of luxury cars, is a waste of public funds. After the incident, the Vietnamese high-level began his investigation of the promotion path. (Liu Haoran)相关的主题文章: