Micro film era released a new brand, Yue Yue announced the first film and television projects – Chin 音羽かなで

Lithographic times released a new brand "entertainment jump" announced the first batch of film and television projects – Beijing, Du Chun starred in "broken pieces" in new network on 27 September, (reporter Zhang Xi)   September 26th, held in Beijing, the theme of lithography era as "Yue" brand strategy conference, released a new brand "entertainment jump", flag under the "entertainment" jump Pictures Entertainment jump issue "appeared at the same time, and announced the first batch of 10 film projects. The famous director Cao Dun, Lu Hengyu, Li Shujie, Su Lun, Yu Mo, writer Ma Boyong, angel Oscar, Wang Bing, Pan Yilin, Liang super producer, actor Du Chun attended the rally. Shadow era CEO lin ning believes that the entertainment industry is essentially the content industry, content is the crown of pearls. He said the film is committed to jump entertainment film investment, film production, series production, IP development business, entertainment content focus on three directions: home entertainment, entertainment, the entertainment of teenagers. In the movie, lin ning Yue Pictures Entertainment announced will participate in the "Changan twelve hour", "log", "broken pieces Cougar", "weight loss man", "snow child", "Youth", "the dress of pet trainer juvenile", "strange" on our TV drama series marlowe. Among them, the comedy film "broken piece", including Ge You, Yue Yunpeng, Du Chun, Babel, Xiao Shenyang, SA and other heavyweight star, directed by Guo Shuang, to start in September 27th. At the same time also revealed that the next step to issue entertainment film cooperation programs, including the National Archives of the "trump card" grand track "trump card" with two popular films, and will be released in November 11th, the film adaptation of the novel of the same name "one top ten thousand". "Top ten thousand sentences" will be involved in the main issue of entertainment.相关的主题文章: