Beijing – VIDEO – heavy rain caused by a number of tourists stranded in Yili, a scenic spot in Xinji 霍金hawking

Beijing – VIDEO – storm caused more than tourists trapped in the Xinjiang Yili area caused by heavy rain more than tourists trapped in the Xinjiang Yili area [comment] September 13th 22 PM, Xinjiang Yili fire brigade command center alarm, sudden rainstorm weather in Xinjiang Yili Qapqal County in the scenic area more than tourists trapped, fire, public security the police department, will be trapped in rescue to safety. Due to the rescue site about 60 kilometers from the county seat, and there are 8 adults and 4 children trapped in that specific situation, fire linked to the familiar terrain of the Qapqal County Public Security Bureau police reinforcements together the incident. 23 am, arrived at the scene, due to the road in the mountains muddy slippery, coupled with the rain under the greater, ordinary vehicles can not travel. Fire officers and soldiers and the people familiar with the terrain grazing two times into the mountain, will be trapped in rescue to safety. After understanding, trapped people from Urumqi tourists to Yili, unexpectedly encountered heavy rain. Yining fire department to remind the tourists, Eid al AdhA and Mid Autumn Festival holiday time travel, please pay attention to local weather conditions, especially the weather mountain. Ji Jiangtong Qapqal County, Xinjiang, reported by Li Zhiyong相关的主题文章: