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The official visit to the Philippines Philippines requirements reduce the anti American sentiment Walter freak – Sohu Military Channel Global Times reported: "I told them, don’t treat us like dogs, like I’m wearing dog chain." Philippines media reported that 25 days before departure to visit Japan, Walter held a press conference once again the shelling of the United states. In the press conference, Duthel Te said he received a phone Philippines foreign minister Arthur, Arthur on the phone talking about the U.S. Assistant Secretary of state Russell’s recent trip to Manila, Russell urged the Philippine side to reduce the "anti American rhetoric". A day earlier, Russell told the Philippines media said, Walter in recent months, the anti American rhetoric of "harmful, confusion, worry, caused many people worry about business. Duthel Te, 25, said the Americans crazy, who do they really think they are. All the old and recent grudges in my heart. Duthel Te attacked the United States, Obama and the U.S. Department of state, they threatened the government of the United States in violation of human rights to cut off aid to the Philippines in. Duthel Te said, Americans to Philippines without a visa, Filipinos intend to travel to the United States has always been difficult, he recalled his first application to the United States to visit his girlfriend in the past, when the United States visa officer asked "if you do not get married back to Philippines in the United States?" He mentioned, including war during World War II, the US and Japan, Manila to smithereens within 2 days, resulting in 200 thousand deaths, and the 1906 U.S. troops in southern Philippines massacred hundreds of indigenous people. He said, "you know, sir, there’s a lot of historical pain before we move forward". Philippines media reported that Duthel Te also announced that if he had stayed long enough, it is better to forget Philippines "to strengthen defense cooperation agreement", "in addition to the Philippines army, I don’t want to see any other nation’s military in Philippines". Duthel Te’s rage, trying to convince the change of foreign policy for Japan is probably a bad omen. The "Philippines star" 25 published editorial said that in any case, Philippines should adopt independent foreign policy, Duthel Te wants to ensure that Philippines never surrender to any person, this is correct. The Taiwan news said 25 days, the United States will not allow Duthel Te suddenly "wild face", the new president after the inevitable counterattack, Philippines’s military relations with the United States in the future may become close to counter Duthel Te’s main force, Philippines since 1986 occurred two times up government action are behind the CIA involvement. Reported that Duthel Te also heard of the coup, especially in the southern regions of the United States special forces off the premises, or even the end of the U.S. joint patrols with the South China sea. But the pre emptive effort is not without doubt. The report also said the U.S. media began to Walter anti drug campaign linked to the "shock" rule of law "caused by political uncertainty, foreign capital began to flow out from the Philippine stock market, Philippines Bissau also began to fall. These financial means of retaliation for the United States but it can also use a master hand’s first small display, credit rating agencies to reduce Philippines’s sovereign credit rating, to stimulate further financial turmoil. "Voice of America" quoted a scholar as saying, most of the Philippines military officers from the United States West Point graduate." Russian Academy of sciences.相关的主题文章: