The light of the Internet Expo opened more than 120 activities in the field of more than 310 compani 追踪309

The internet light Expo opened 310 companies more than 120 field events – Sohu technology CNR network Wuzhen on November 16th news (reporter Han Meng Zhang Guoliang) according to the Chinese voice of "news" reported that three days of the Second World Conference of the Internet today (16 days) will be held in Zhejiang Wuzhen. The Internet Conference has three functional blocks, namely, the General Assembly forum, the world’s leading exhibition and publication of results. As one of the plates of the Internet has been in light yesterday (15) afternoon officially opened. The exhibition attracted more than and 500 companies worldwide registration, the final selection of the Internet companies to participate in the 310. Also, the Expo will be held in the afternoon of 18 and No. 19 in the morning to the public free of charge, so that we better share and experience the Internet and fair results, as long as you sign up and after the audit can admission in advance. What are the new highlights of this year’s fair? If you want to feel the future of the Internet ahead of life, it is necessary to go to the light of the Expo on a walk. There are more than and 120 new product launch activities, the docking of the more than and 500 projects, but also focus on demonstrating the latest Internet technology and product applications. Welcome to…… Whether or not…… Coffee…… Whether or not…… Milk……" This is not a robot talking, but a pair of gloves to translate the voice after the sign language. Zhejiang Ying meter technology director Li Tiancheng told reporters that deaf people even mastered the exchange of people only know sign language and sign language, the deaf sign language translation gloves research purpose is to let the sign language into the language, to help deaf people communicate with ordinary people: "deaf people to work in the office or in the Cafe well, don’t communicate with the normal person is indeed a barrier to employment, as long as the communication problems can be solved, can better integrate into society and employment." With gloves, Bluetooth connected to the phone, to make a sign language gesture, mobile phone speakers can be issued in the voice, very convenient. Deaf and dumb people will really feel the technology to make life better. At present this piece of research into the late stage of language translation, gloves, will soon be available: "in fact, as long as it sounds with a mobile phone and a software installed on it, it can be said that the price can be controlled below 1000 dollars." China Telecom booth, the reporter also found a pair of gloves. Science and technology are the first productive forces to do the best on this glove. D responsible person told reporters that the manufacturing workers take the gloves can automatically identify the operation process of the error: "wearing gloves I can identify your sequence of operation, when the error occurred when I can give you timely tips." More important is the manufacturing industry, the frequent movement of personnel, need to spend energy training and practice greatly from novice to old and new employees, employees wear the gloves, like an old employee taught: "after the gloves first, I lost it a few days a personal training time the time saved, the old staff. Just take your gloves and do it. Second, do a few days later, back to see how the efficiency of this person." I do not know when to open.相关的主题文章: