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It is a mid autumn festival   how to eat moon cake will not be fat – Food Channel – People’s original title: Mid Autumn Festival will eat moon cake fat? Teach you to eat moon cake is not the right weight Mid Autumn Festival is coming, how can the traditional festival of the moon cake? But people can not help but worry, eat moon cake will be fat? The answer is yes, and it is said to eat a moon cake, it is equivalent to drink three tablespoons of oil! Is not very scary, then, how to eat moon cake will not gain weight? How to eat moon cake will not be fat? 1, preferably with fresh vegetables to eat moon cake sugar content, high oil content, so, every 100g moon cake to a normal adult energy accounts for about 20% of the day’s energy. The general population daily recommended intakes of moon cake is not more than 100g, the moon cake collocation cereal food meal as staple food, fresh vegetables and fruit with edible, this calories a day would be easier to control. 2, one day should not eat more than a moon cake in the amount of consumption, experts said, one day should not eat more than a moon cake, because the moon cake sugar and total fat content is very high. One person a day should not be more than 10 grams of sugar intake, total fat should not be more than 13 teaspoons, and a moon cake sugar and total fat content, respectively, up to 14 TSP and 6 tsp. Even the sugar free moon cake or fruit, vegetable filling vegetarian moon cake, but also can not eat, because the skin contains starch, itself is a polysaccharide. 3, sweet cakes, drink tea helps digestion such as jujube, red bean paste, Lian Rong, pineapple cakes and other sweet cakes. Recommended: peppermint tea, tea Green Tea. Sweet moon cake to drink tea to help digestion. Light green tea and mint tea can improve glucose metabolism, do not let too much sugar in the body. Mint can sweep the mouth sweet. Bubble green tea water temperature to 70 degrees Celsius, otherwise it is easy to destroy its rich vitamin C and catechins. These two kinds of tea is cold, sweet and suitable for hot cakes, but easy to cold hands and feet or stomach weak people should not drink, or drink after dinner. 4, the moon cake into the breakfast station in nutritional perspective, the moon cake is a high energy food, there are a lot of young people do not eat breakfast or breakfast intake, might as well put the cakes on the breakfast, eat a cake, you can also drink a box of milk or Soybean Milk, add some vegetables and fruits, will a good breakfast, but we still recommend not long in this way to eat. Mid Autumn Festival moon cake how to choose? 1, select the style: in general, the Cantonese style moon cake heavy sugar, Su style moon cake heavy oil, ice cream moon cake relatively low sugar. Fat content: > > ice crust. Sugar content: wide type > ice crust > Su type. The heat from the point of view, wide and Su style moon cake calories, relatively low calorie ice skin; 2, pick fillings: bean paste, fruit flavors of moon cake is relatively low in calories, five kernels, egg yolk was much higher, the highest calorie is ice cream and meat stuffing, or eat better; 3, size: the traditional moon cake 120 grams, a lot of heat, but now the business in order to cater to modern people’s mouth)相关的主题文章: