Care for the health of your parents! The way of watching TV for the elderly-若槻ゆうか

Care for the health of your parents! The TV set for the elderly is a "old thing" in the traditional household appliances, which has been with us for decades. In the early years, watching TV is almost the only way to entertain, and the scene of a crowd sitting in front of the TV is worth every one of us. But times are developing constantly, and there are more and more ways to get information. Young people will watch programs through portable devices such as mobile phones and Pad, so the time of watching TV will also decrease. But for the older generation of parents, even some retired people, life is not as fulfilling as they go to work, plus the ability to receive new things is slower. So most of their entertainment activities are reading, watching newspapers and watching TV. Some old people like to watch TV especially, because TV programs are more interesting than books. Television has an unusual memory for the people of that generation. In their years, they are like the cars of the day. As long as they can walk, they will not be able to give it to themselves. The TV has accompanied our time for decades now 80 has become the main social groups, have been basically part of the 90 marry and settle down, has embarked on the work of the post, so we should return to their parents. In fact, as a child, how expensive to buy parents, how luxurious television products can show filial piety. Buying a medium – sized and fully functional TV will definitely meet the needs of the parents. More important is to spend more time with their parents, and watching TV plays with them is what they need more. What parents need is our company, of course, in addition to creating better conditions for their parents, it is more important to pay attention to their health. Due to the degeneration, atrophy, coordination and poor metabolic function of the cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae and lumbar muscles, the long time watching TV will cause serious harm to the body. So we should ask parents to pay more attention to this problem at ordinary times. This article will explain the attention of the old people to watch TV at ordinary times. I hope everyone can popularize the way of watching TV correctly after watching them. Since the TV, it will become a very important part of people’s daily leisure life, reduce sharply for social activities of the elderly is even more so. Although watching TV can get information more intuitively, for older people, watching TV for a long time is not only conducive to physical and mental health, but also affects normal cognition and social interaction ability. Foreign studies have shown that every more hour of watching TV is 1.3 times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than those who don’t watch TV. In the long run, TV may suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. First, from the influence of the body, lack of activity can lead to body fat accumulation, which may induce cardio cerebrovascular diseases or aggravate the original diseases. Mentally, long-term sedentary can lead to slower blood circulation, reduced heart and lung function, and may lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain and increase the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease. At the same time, if you always look at the TV, the brain’s cognitive ability is in a passive state of acceptance for a long time, making the brain more and more lazy. In the long run, it is bound to cause a decline in the overall cognitive ability of the brain. Watching TV for a long time have a significant impact and now more and more elderly people received cataract problems for cataract, for the cause of age-related cataract, the cause of the disease is complex, and may contribute to a variety of factors, such as the lens of nutrition, metabolism, ultraviolet irradiation. The endocrine changes of the patients and the factors of environmental factors have great influence on the cataract. Cataract in the elderly is the most common type of acquired cataract. Long term watching TV also induces the possibility of cataract. The elderly should watch TV for less than 3 hours a day, so experts suggest that the time for the elderly to watch TV should be controlled. The best time to control it is 3 hours a day. TV programs should choose a number of news categories, more attention to social dynamics can promote the brain to think more. The theme of positive films and dramas can bring people a sense of excitement, sunshine and joy. These are good medicines to cure old people’s depression, loneliness and other bad emotions. As far as possible, watch a few dark, sad and other programs. Of course, other leisure time should not be put on household chores, take part in some social activities and interact with you, so that we can slow down the aging of the brain and maintain vigorous energy for a long time. First of all, old people watching TV to sit hard chair, assisted by the pad, such as cushion or pillow cervical pillow. Make the waist close to the back waist support, do not let the waist after empty. At the same time, the elderly should improve the normal posture, lying posture, should not make the cervical spine and the waist twisted, rotated, leading to fatigue and pain. And the lower stool is also used to keep the legs loose. Try to sit on the couch as little as possible, and do not lie half on the head of the bed. It is not suitable to lie on the couch and watch TV. The older people should try to reduce their lying and watch TV. Then there is a common mistake that people usually make, that is, watching TV immediately after eating. In fact, all the digestive organs of the human body need a large amount of blood supply, and the blood supply that the digestive organs can get should be relatively reduced, which hinders the digestion of food. Within half an hour after meals, a moderate amount of exercise should be carried out to avoid the accumulation of abdominal fat caused by sedentary. So the time to watch TV should start after one hour after dinner, which is not only the problem that the elderly should pay attention to, but also a point that all people should pay attention to. Watching TV for a long time may cause dizziness there is often watching TV, the elderly long time sitting and watching television is susceptible to a disease called "TV leg". Elderly people with weakened heart function, venous blood circulation slowed down, long sitting in front of the TV easy to cause numbness of the lower limbs, pain and swelling and other symptoms. A long gaze of flickering screens and active images may cause fatigue, dizziness, headache, and other fatigue symptoms. Therefore, the elderly should move around watching TV after half an hour, with eyes closed or orbital massage. The elderly should increase their outdoor activities and social activities. The last point is to watch less exciting games and thrilling episodes. Excessive tension and excitement can make heart beat faster, blood vessel contraction and blood pressure suddenly increase. It can cause cerebral vascular rupture and stroke in patients with hypertension and arteriosclerosis, and coronary heart disease will cause angina pectoris and even myocardial infarction due to myocardial ischemia. Therefore, it is better for the elderly to not watch all kinds of TV programs or other thrilling programs that are more intense.

关心父母健康!适合老年人的看电视方式  电视机作为传统家电当中的“老物件儿”已经陪伴了我们数十年的时光。在早年间,看电视几乎是唯一的娱乐消遣方式,一大家人围坐在电视机前看节目的场景值得我们每一个人回味。但是时代在不断发展,获取信息的途径也越来越多,年轻人更多会通过手机,Pad等便携式设备来观看节目,所以看电视的时间也随之减少。  但是对于老一辈的父母来说,甚至是一些退休的人群,生活难免没有上班那样充实,再加上接收新鲜事物的能力较慢,因此他们的娱乐活动大多数就是读书,看报以及看电视了。有些老年人特别喜欢看电视,因为电视节目相对书刊来说,要更加直观有趣。电视对于那一辈人来说有着不寻常的记忆,在他们的年代就像是如今的汽车,只要还能走就会舍不得给自己换。 电视机已经陪伴了我们数十年的时光  如今80后已经成为了社会的主力人群,基本上都已经成家立业,部分90后也已经走上了工作的岗位,所以我们更应该回报父母了。其实作为儿女,不见得要给父母买多么贵,多么奢侈的电视产品才能体现孝心。买一台尺寸适中,功能够用的电视绝对就能够满足父母的需求。更重要的是多陪陪父母,和他们一起看看电视剧才是他们更加需要的。 父母需要的是我们的陪伴  当然,除了为父母创造更好的条件,关注他们的健康才是更加重要的问题。老年人由于颈椎,腰椎及腰肌本已有不同程度的退变或萎缩,以及协调,代谢功能差等问题,长时间看电视会对身体产生严重的危害。所以我们平时更应该叮嘱父母注重这一问题。本篇文章将为大家阐述老年人平时看电视的注意事项,希望大家在看后都能够向父母普及正确看电视的方式。  自从有了电视以来,它就成为了人们日常消闲生活中非常重要的一部分,而对于社交活动急剧减少的老年人来说更是如此。虽然看电视能够更加直观的获取信息,但是对于老年人来说长时间看电视不但不利于身心健康,还会影响到正常的认知与社会交往能力。国外曾经有研究显示,每多看一小时电视,今后患老年痴呆症的几率就要比不爱看电视的人高出1.3倍。 长期看电视可能患上老年痴呆症  首先从身体影响来说,活动不足会导致体内脂肪堆积,可能诱发心脑血管疾病,或使原病症加重。从精神方面来说,长期久坐还会导致血液循环变慢,心肺功能减弱可能引起大脑供血不足,增加老年痴呆的患病率。同时如果总盯着电视看,大脑的认知能力会长时间处于一种被动接受状态,让脑子变得越来越懒。长期如此,必定会引起大脑整体认知能力的下降。 长时间看电视对白内障有重大影响  而且目前又越来越多的老年人收到白内障的困扰,针对病因来说,年龄相关性白内障由于致病原因较复杂,且可能为多种因素所促成,如晶状体的营养,代谢,紫外线照射。患者全身内分泌变化以及环境因素因素等,对白内障均有重大影响。老年人白内障是后天性白内障中最常见的一种,长期看电视同样会诱发白内障的可能。 老年人每天看电视时间应控制在3小时以内  所以专家建议,老年人看电视的时间应当加以控制,每天最好控制在3小时以内。电视节目应当选择一些新闻类,多关注社会动态能促使大脑多思考。主题积极向上的电影,电视剧能给人带来亢奋,阳光以及欢乐之感,这些都是医治老年人抑郁,孤寂等不良情绪的良药。尽可能的少看一些阴暗,悲伤等节目。当然,其他闲暇时间也不要都放在家务事上,多参加一些社会活动,与大家互动交流,这样才能让大脑的衰老速度慢下来,长期保持旺盛的精力。  首先,老年人看电视要坐硬质靠背椅,加以辅助性垫具,如将软垫或枕头枕于颈椎处。腰垫使腰部紧贴椅背得到支撑,不让腰后靠空。同时老年人应当改善平时的不良坐姿,躺姿,不应使颈椎和腰部扭曲,旋转,导致疲劳与疼痛。而且还可用低凳搁脚,使下肢得到松弛。尽量少坐沙发,也不要半躺半靠在床头,更不适宜斜卧在躺椅上看电视。 老年人应尽量减少躺着看电视   其次还有一个人们通常会去犯的错误,那就是吃完饭立刻看电视。其实人体的全部消化器官都需要大量血液供应,消化器官可获得的血液供应应相对减少,从而有碍于食物的消化。饭后半小时内,应当适量运动,避免久坐引起的腹部脂肪堆积。所以看电视的时间应当在饭后一小时后开始,这不光是老年人应当注意的问题,也是所有人都应当注意的一点。 长时间看电视可能引起头昏眼花  再有就是看电视的时常问题,老年人长时间坐着看电视容易患上一种叫做“电视腿”的疾病。老年人由于心功能减弱,静脉血液循环减慢,长久的坐在电视机前容易造成下肢麻木,疼痛以及浮肿等症状。加上长时间凝视闪烁的屏幕和活动图像,可能引起刺眼,头昏,头痛等疲乏症状。因此,老年人在看电视半小时后要起来走动走动,配合闭目养神或做眼眶按摩。 老年人应增加户外活动和社交活动  最后一点就是尽量少观看刺激的竞赛和惊险的情节,急剧的情绪波动对患有心血管的老年人来说是诱发疾病的因素。过度的紧张,兴奋会使心跳加快,血管收缩,血压突高,可引起高血压伴动脉硬化患者脑血管破裂而中风,冠心病患者会因心肌缺血而出现心绞痛,甚至心肌梗塞。因此,老年人最好不要观看各种比较紧张的电视节目或其它惊险节目。相关的主题文章: