Paralympic double Zhou Jiamin returned and awarded the three national award in Beijing-小坂めぐる

Paralympic double Zhou Jiamin returned in Beijing was awarded the three National Paralympic double winning Zhou Jiamin returned and awarded the three national award in Beijing in September 21st held the fifteenth summer Paralympic Games sports delegation Chinese 2010expo, won two Paralympic gold medals after 90 girl Zhou Jiamin was awarded the national 51 labor medal, Chinese 54 medals, 38 National Youth Federation honorary title, I became the first city also won three national honor athletes. The day before yesterday, the reporter contacted Zhou Jiamin. She had returned to the training center in Hangzhou. "Thank you for my blessing. I am happy." On the other side of the phone, she was slightly tired. She was in a good mood. "In recent years, efforts have finally made achievements. Such an honor is inseparable from the training of the state and the support of those who care about me." Zhou Jiamin’s mother that her daughter should the world harp won three national honor is quite happy, "this time the good news about CARMENS frequently returned, let me happy, I began to prepare her favorite food, the relatives also notice, and carbing back one family reunion about a family reunion dinner to eat." According to the relevant staff of CDPF, Zhou Jiamin will return to Ningbo this afternoon to attend the welcome meeting of Paralympic athletes held by the Ningbo municipal government, and then return to Fenghua’s home. Next Monday, Zhou Jiamin will also accept the interview of the city leaders. Reporter Chen Peifang Li Xinxing correspondent Dong Lizi

残奥双冠王周佳敏载誉归来 在京获授三项国家级殊荣 残奥双冠王周佳敏载誉归来 在京获授三项国家级殊荣   在9月21日召开的第十五届夏季残疾人奥林匹克运动会中国体育代表团总结表彰大会上,获得两块残奥会金牌的90后姑娘周佳敏被授予全国五一劳动奖章、中国青年五四奖章、全国三八红旗手荣誉称号,成了我市首位同时获得三项国家级荣誉的运动员。   前天中午记者联系上了周佳敏,她已经返回杭州的训练中心,“谢谢大家对我的祝福,我很开心。”电话那头,略显疲惫的她心情不错,“这几年的努力终于出了成绩,获得这样的荣誉离不开国家的培养和那些关心我的人的支持。”周佳敏的妈妈应世琴得知女儿获得三项国家级荣誉后也是相当开心,“这段时间频频传回关于佳敏的喜讯,太让我欣慰了,我已经开始准备她爱吃的东西了,还通知了亲戚,到时候佳敏回来了一家人团聚一下,吃个团圆饭。”   据市残联相关工作人员介绍,周佳敏将于今天下午返回宁波,参加宁波市委市政府举行的残奥健儿凯旋欢迎会,随后返回奉化家中,下周一,周佳敏还将接受市领导的接见。 记者陈培芳李鑫星 通讯员董黎姿相关的主题文章: