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Green travel, low carbon, environmentally healthy and sustainable urban development are facing increasingly serious environmental pollution. We are eager to live healthily, yearning for clean homes, and yearning for our planet to keep this blue. In fact, when we are longing for this to be a reality, we should make it clear that this is a vital and unshirkable responsibility for us. Now that we live together under the blue sky, we should share the same fate with each other, let each of us start with little things and start from ourselves, so that we can choose "green travel" together and choose green tomorrow. In order to further implement the priority development strategy of urban public transport and advocate green, safe and civilized travel, the launching ceremony of green travel promotion in 2016 was held in Beijing Automobile Museum on September 22nd afternoon. This event is co sponsored by China Urban Public Transport Association, China Urban Planning Society and China urban planning and Design Institute. The launching ceremony is sponsored by Beijing new energy vehicle development promotion center and Beijing Automobile Museum. Deputy Minister of housing and urban construction, the State Department counselor Ni Hong Wang Jingxia, the Ministry of housing and urban construction urban construction personnel Secretary Zhang Xiaohong, Secretary Jiang Xiaoqun, Chinese city public transportation association chairman Xu Zhongzhi, deputy director of the Beijing Automobile Museum Wu Jing and other leaders attended the event. Participate in the activities of GoFun, and the first steam Putian new energy, ant gold clothing, bus, bicycle, e drops Mobell charging network and other enterprises. At the start ceremony, the Deputy Minister Ni Hong issued the theme of "green transportation and intelligent travel and the creation of a sustainable city". "Urban traffic congestion is a worldwide problem," he said. From the practice at home and abroad, the basic way to alleviate traffic congestion is to improve the supply side traffic infrastructure construction, guide the needs of the masses to travel reasonably, and vigorously develop green transportation such as walking, bicycles and public transportation. At present, the "urban disease" of urban traffic congestion in China is becoming more and more prominent, and it is necessary to make great effort to solve it. " Subsequently, Chinese city public transportation association chairman Xu Zhongzhi at the launching ceremony read "green travel proposal": after the end of the ceremony, the leaders visited the new energy vehicle rental, bicycle, GOfun share Mobell Putian new energy charging pile, field guide around these and the wisdom of travel related products in detail. The field has also organized the activities of intelligent riding and trial ride. This activity fully follows the principle of "vigorously developing low carbon, efficient and large capacity urban public transport system and promoting green travel". The convenient, intelligent and green products and services have attracted the attention of the delegates. 绿色出行低炭环保 健康城市持续发展   面对地球环境污染日益严重的现象,我们渴望健康地生活,渴望洁净的家园,渴望我们的星球永葆这一抹蓝。其实,当我们渴望这些成为现实的时候,我们更应明确这是我们一份关乎切身而又义不容辞的责任。既然我们共同生活在这一抹蓝之下,那么就应当同呼吸,共命运,让我们每个人从点滴小事做起,从自身做起,让我们共同选择“绿色出行”,选择绿色的明天。    为深入贯彻落实城市公共交通优先发展战略,倡导绿色、安全、文明出行,2016年绿色出行宣传活动启动仪式于9月22日下午在北京汽车博物馆举行。本次活动由中国城市公共交通协会、中国城市规划学会和中国城市规划设计研究院联合主办,启动仪式由北京市新能源汽车发展促进中心、北京汽车博物馆承办。住房城乡建设部副部长倪虹、国务院参事王静霞、住房城乡建设部城建司司长张小宏、人事司司长江小群、中国城市公共交通协会理事长许中志、北京汽车博物馆副馆长吴婧等领导出席了本次活动。参与本次活动的还有首汽GoFun、普天新能源、蚂蚁金服、滴滴公交、摩拜单车、e充网等多家企业。   启动仪式上,倪虹副部长发表了《绿色交通与智慧出行,创建可持续发展城市》的主题讲话。倪部长强调:“城市交通拥堵是一个世界性难题。从国内外实践看,缓解交通拥堵,根本出路还是要完善供给侧交通基础设施建设、引导需求端群众合理出行,大力发展步行、自行车、公共交通等绿色交通。当前,我国城市交通拥堵的‘城市病’日益凸显,必须下大气力来解决。”   随后,中国城市公共交通协会许中志理事长在启动仪式上宣读了《绿色出行倡议书》:   启动仪式结束后,与会领导参观了新能源汽车GOfun分享租赁、摩拜单车、普天新能源充电桩,现场讲解员围绕这些与智慧出行相关的产品进行了详细介绍。现场还组织开展了智慧骑行和试乘试驾活动。   本次活动充分遵循“大力发展低碳、高效、大容量的城市公共交通系统,倡导绿色出行”的原则,便捷、智慧、绿色的产品和服务吸引了到场代表的广泛关注。相关的主题文章: