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The Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate refers to the Ningxia air pollution heavy area lack of knowledge – Beijing if a lack of understanding of the local Party committee and government for the development of green arduousness, urgency and complexity, heavy development, light protection, so, how will the ecological environment of this place? Central eighth Environmental Protection Inspectorate group (hereinafter referred to as the inspector group) today disclosed that after a month of inspectors found that the Ningxia autonomous region on the existence of such a problem. Inspector group leader Jiang Jufeng pointed out today in the feedback inspectors to the Ningxia autonomous region, 21013 years to 2015, the Ningxia autonomous region introduced 60 heavily polluting projects, pollution governance difficulties and hot and heavy masses of complaints; areas of atmospheric pollution by decompression; for two years did not complete the National Atmospheric assessment task. Shahu as a famous tourist destination in Ningxia autonomous region, from the beginning of last year, the water quality of Shahu has fallen into five class. Inspectors also exposed a number of illegal enterprises list. The government of the autonomous region is refers to the development of light protection from 2013 to 2015, 9 counties of Ningxia autonomous region (city, district) in the investment process in the introduction of medicine, pesticide, dye intermediates, nearly 60 projects, and some corporate environmental facilities operation and daily supervision is not in place, pollution become difficult and hot public complaints. In 2016 the autonomous region of Shizuishan, Wu Zhong and other serious pollution area of PM10 annual concentration control requirements, compared with 2014 "Ningxia autonomous air pollution control action plan (2013-2017)" to determine the target of 63% and 62% respectively, relaxation, self decompression. Autonomous Region fiscal 2015 for air and water pollution control funds were 58.4% and 40.6% lower than the same period last year. In view of the Tengger Desert pollution, Helan Mountain National Nature Protection Area of ecological damage and other serious environmental problems, the implementation of the accountability of grassroots regulators, not from the decision-making and other aspects of the approval of retroactive liability. Inspector Group believes that the emergence of these problems with the Autonomous Region Party committee, the government RE development, light protection directly related. In addition, in this sense under the influence of the relevant departments to perform their duties are not in place, resulting in a number of illegal enterprises. Jiang Jufeng said, Taixi carbon based industrial and other 5 enterprises 12 sets of small thermal power units should be eliminated in 2011, but still not out of place. 3 has been eliminated Pingchuan chemical enterprises, is still included in the 2014 phase out plan. Inspectors spot 156 enterprises, County Industrial Park sewage treatment plant and other environmental protection facilities are not normal operation or excessive emissions of pollutants in Helan. The first half of 2016, Pingluo Hengda cement enterprises, waste gas pollutants emissions exceed the standard above 50% parts. Two consecutive years did not complete the assessment task air inspector group pointed out that the annual concentration of Ningxia autonomous region in 2014, 2015 PM10 respectively, compared with 2013 growth of 20.6% and 21.8%, for two consecutive years did not complete the National Atmospheric assessment task. At the same time, the average concentrations of PM2.5 and PM10 in Yinchuan, Shizuishan and Guyuan showed an upward trend. Jiang Jufeng said, in violation of the relevant requirements of the autonomous region, Yinchuan, Wu Zhong, Shizuishan, 3 cities, 201 wing相关的主题文章: