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A disk of two time who can play new tricks – Sohu [watch home watch talk] is a dual time watch time zone watch, I think many of my friends are not unfamiliar, since the 1884 International Conference on Washington longitude time zone of the world determines the standard time zone, the concept deeply influenced the whole world activities in twentieth Century. The most important way is to check the time when people watch, mechanical watch manufacturing industry has realized the need to develop a time zone function of the watch, and watch with a time zone function, in twentieth Century appeared in large numbers, today, time zone watch more colorful. Some table does not play the routine time zone watch, is mainly two kinds, one is the world time watch, a watch is a double time zone (or GMT UTC). Both of them have a very clear distinction, the world time watch generally on the dial will have global 24 time zones (plus half the time zone will reach 37 time zones) time synchronous display, dual time watch only also showed an area of extra time. Of course, in the structure of the movement, it is simply the two system. Rolex Cellini double time zone from my personal point of view, the world watches watches than the double time zone is more flexible and convenient, unless it is to fly around the world or business in many countries around the world, or watch time is not play a role to the extreme. The double time zone watch, if the watch design will adjust the mechanism to do more clever, it is a very good business, regardless of where to go, as long as the time of adjusting the dial pointer can be easily synchronized, the world watch, because when I go to another place, don’t need to know about the world so much in time, so that information will bring me the trouble of reading, but also a space occupying dial. Of course, this is not representative of the world when the watch is not good, but it needs to have the real demand of customer service (obviously not me). I do not care about the first dual time watch is who made, I am more concerned about the double time zone can now buy the table, which one is better, which one is more characteristic, which a relatively affordable. There is no need to use a couple of common dual time zone tables, although, as an additional feature, the dual time zone needs to add some structure, but it has not yet formed a larger number of jumps in the price. Remove electronic watches, mechanical watches with dual time zone has been very common, several brands in Japan and domestic brands can be purchased on a few thousand dollars, most of the Swiss table brands have such a table. On the one hand, the 2893 movement due to the Swiss system core king ETA development, so many brands can directly launch dual time zone watch, on the other hand, based on the movement such as 2836 and 2824 on the basic movement of stacked dual time module can achieve the dual time zone function relatively simple. Therefore, the dual time zone has become a very simple and easy to buy function. Tissot Tissot is a double time zone table series by the country’s most famous people watch brand, relatively easy to accept the price, let a lot of people can afford)相关的主题文章: