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A large tub and a gym, 29 square meters of small dwelling, how to live a luxury Sohu technology recall recently maxed circle of friends in Shenzhen 6 square meters of "cage homes"? Although the inevitable speculation suspects, but like Mr. Geek as dwelling in the working people in Shenzhen know, live in a small house with many stuck…… However, the house is small, but after careful transformation, you can live out the feeling of luxury. Today, Mr. Geek to share with you an article on the transformation of the housing, the Hongkong designers to see how to make less than 29 square metres of small single room, living in the sense of luxury? This article from the gravitational wave space station, thanks to Nicole! "Shenzhen 6 square meters of the 880 thousand hardcover 29 screen small bay house dream from the United States young couple Michelle and Andy in Hongkong, when to buy, they think, is the center of Hongkong, to be especially cool, so do not want to move to other places to live, to be capricious bought here 29 flat to bay. "Less than 30 square meters of small bay Michelle said they wanted a large kitchen, but also there is a big bath, Andy said he wanted a big TV and a gym…… Why don’t you go to the sky? However, really let the couple found a suitable design team, LAAB design company in Hongkong co-founder Otto Ng said, although it is difficult, but their team can try! The designer Otto Ng so Otto to discuss in the team and the backbone, will feel small house converted into luxury is a good idea, and then they began to design. After 40 sets of screening, they finally found the ideal design. Design / small house, you see what is happening? The Otto team said that the essence of this small house is only one sentence: will this small space renovation comfortable residential, we must jump out of a three-dimensional perspective, another dimension is in fact much — time. Michelle don’t need a big tub? Yes! During the day, the board and the sofa pad to the bathtub, it becomes a sofa and bed, and then pull the side of the mobile closet, but also as a tv. Because the space is too small, the furniture design team for the error must be kept within 3mm, the use of electric kitchen cabinets, lockers under the floor can make full use of the space. Although these smart furniture increased the complexity of the project, but it looks pretty good! Every day different time dimension, so small room to achieve so many functions in the space, the design company did not boast forced, really let 29 square meters of small room lived out of the house! No more is they not only meet the demand of Michelle and Andy, but also to meet the needs of only three meow star people home: special design team on the sides of the walls built for cat walk the corridors and the ladder?相关的主题文章: