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Auxiliary rescue collapsed after wake up in "the old man asked the fire alarm had no" – Beijing                       Hu Liangbin in a hospital ward reporter Wan Qin Yang Yu intern correspondent Huang Juan Yang Xuan downstairs stumbled don’t know the old man fell not." At 9 yesterday morning, Castle Public Security Bureau Wu Street police station police Hu Liangbin, first thing in the wake of Zhongnan Hospital of respiratory medicine ward, is to colleagues gestures to pen and paper, about 8 hours ago, a fire in the east village Wu Qingshan District, he was back to the nine year old Cheng Wanli, seemed to have forgotten that she stumbled out of the smoke, fell on the ground, burning pain in the chest retching. I suddenly feel a bright eyes   the curtain has opened his eyes on fire yesterday at 1 in the morning, who lives in Ms. Li Qingshan Wu Dong Jie casting community 22 building 53 floor No. 3 gate 2 gate, and 8 year old son to sleep at home, her husband to work overtime at home. Ms. Li suddenly feel eyes bright, open my eyes, he was awakened by a glare, the bedroom curtains have I do not know what the reason is on fire. "On fire!" Ms. Lee hurried to the police after the side holding his son down stairs blunt, side shouting. See other home no movement, anxious Lee and told his son not to move to the 3 floor. 3, gate 5, lived deputy director of community committees Xu Zhenju a casting. Xu Zhenju’s family has a paralyzed father in bed for two or three years. That night, settled 91 year old father, not long after sleep. I heard the fire, Xu Zhenju hurriedly and Lee together to call other neighbours, and 56 year old husband Cheng Xinguo went to his father’s house, to the father back downstairs, found that he did not move back. Look at the smoke more and more, Cheng Xinguo Tiaojiao nasty. At that moment, an assistant rushed in and put my father on the back." Cheng Xinguo hurriedly follow the name of wearing glasses auxiliary to the stairs, a choking smoke Cheng Xinguo cough. Finally out of the building, see this process Xinguo auxiliary will father on the community committees, and rushed into the "smoking ban". When Cheng Xinguo saw the auxiliary police, he helped the 4 floor of the old lady, who came out of the 84, and then fell on the ground, his face flushed, next to the security of the direct vomiting, the foot of the shoe is only one. Cheng Xinguo and his wife Xu Zhenju quickly hit 120 first aid. This is not the day he volunteered to join the patrol duty   Cheng Xinguo said the glasses of the auxiliary police is Hu Liangbin. Before January 5th this year, he was a group of Daye iron ore resources in the mine workers, through the layers of selection, transfer into a Castle Branch police station is mainly responsible for the transfer of video platform out and the auxiliary police criminal investigation. Yesterday morning when the fire occurred, he shouldn’t on duty. "I met him in the middle of the night with security on patrol." When.相关的主题文章: