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American train derailment major casualties due to the lack of a precision control system? Sohu – News ["far behind Europe"] according to the Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC), 2008, the US Congress has passed a bill to require us to train before 2015, are required to install accurate train control system (Positive Train Control, PTC). This system is based on the global positioning system (GPS) security technology as the foundation, mainly to prevent train collision, speeding the derailment, without authorization to enter the construction area, the track switch error and other complex situations. It is reported that the system can be in the necessary time of human error, control train operation. However, due to the high cost of the system, the installation process is complex, the United States and some railway companies failed to complete the installation on schedule. Some companies even said that if you want to force the installation, the company will shut down all operations. Therefore, Congress had to extend the installation period to 2018. Broadcasting British Corporation reported that the New Jersey railway transportation company train derailed the 440 train, no one is equipped with the control system, the employees of the company also received no training on how to operate the system. British Guardian reported that the United States, the development of the railway transport system far inferior to Europe, many countries in Europe trains have been installed on many years ago, the automatic safety brake system. In fact, the passenger rail system in the United States is not developed, some lines in Japan, Europe, and the old, China PK no odds, the nation’s first high-speed rail California high speed rail is only in 2015 began to be long in coming. The high speed rail has also been a collective action of farmers, its traffic, operating data, maintenance costs and nearly $10 billion in high-speed rail bonds issued by the voting was questioned. Air transport developed, short-term, with much land and few people commute is sufficient, and the government’s decision to control and many other reasons, let us in the long term railway passenger to go in front of the times. The investigation of the accident is still under way, a clear train control system may not be able to save the situation before the cause is clear.相关的主题文章: