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Apple wants to iPhone 8 on the OLED screen, but the supplier not ready – Sohu technology next year is iPhone listed 10 anniversary, a lot of news that Apple plans in the next year for the new iPhone (8) with OLED screen. Apple had previously put the new display technology as a selling point, such as the 2010 iPhone 4 for the first time equipped with Retina retina screen. However, according to Bloomberg reports, due to lack of supplier capacity, next year may only have one model equipped with OLED screen. At least from the news of the second session, the next iPhone will almost certainly be equipped with bright colors and energy saving OLED screen, after all, such as Samsung and other companies are already in use. In addition, the new iPhone may also use a new design, the back with glass material, equipped with borderless screen, embedded virtual Home button. But at present, the four major screen suppliers do not have enough capacity to screen for next year’s iPhone production, and this situation will continue until 2018. The four largest screen manufacturers are: Samsung display (Samsung Display), LG display (LG Display), SHARP and Display (Japan). Japan and the SHARP OLED display screen, now is still in the testing stage, plans to put into operation in 2018; the LG display in the development of OLED mobile phone screen is comparatively backward, is catching up. One reason for this is that manufacturers are uncertain about the future of OLED technology. Ariga Shuji, President of the Japanese monitor has said, we have not reached a decisive choice between the OLED screen and LCD screen". Allegedly, SamSung monitor or become the sole supplier of Apple’s OLED screen next year, but due to the low yield and demand is too large, Samsung monitors may not have enough capacity. And Samsung can not even supply enough OLED screen for their own mobile phone. Foreign media reports, apple issued the first batch of 100 million OLED screen orders for the year to Samsung, but the latter may only be in the 2017 shopping season before delivery to Apple orders. So, Apple plans to next year at least for a new iPhone equipped with OLED screen, the remaining iPhone will continue to use the old LCD panel technology. Lei Feng, reproduced, please indicate the source of the source of the相关的主题文章: