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Another AT technology heatwave China technology giant seven mainline looking for the next Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest 60 million recently, including Tencent, Alibaba, takes the performance of technology stocks is very strong. Listed in Hong Kong Tencent holding shares all the way this year, the market value also will stride forward singing militant songs, climbing. In mid August the Tencent more than the market value of Alibaba, China became the highest market value of technology stocks, the Tencent’s share price rose 4% as Asia’s most valuable company, yesterday the Tencent stock price continues to rise, the market value will exceed $2 trillion. Alibaba listed in the United States also rose intraday on Tuesday, as of the day to close at $103.75, up 4.53%. Share price to stand on the $100 mark, hit a new high of at least a year. In addition, other technology giants also performed well, eBay shares rose by more than 30% this quarter, Apple Corp, Google parent company Alphabet, Microsoft Corp shares rose more than 10%. In fact, since the end of June, the tech sector led U.S. stocks to the big city. Bloomberg statistics show that the current technology stocks accounted for 500 of the total value of the S & P ratio close to 21%, the highest level in nearly fifteen years, ranked second in the financial stocks of about 5 percentage points, the two highest weight gap ever. At present, the U.S. stock market value as one of the top ten companies in more than half of global science and technology enterprises, companies with the highest market value of apple, the market value of $580 billion 500 million, the parent company of Google Alphabet second, Microsoft third, Amazon fifth, Facebook sixth, Tencent has also ranked among the top ten. The investment manager of the $154 billion American Century Investment Company Fries said on the earnings performance, the technology industry is a strong growth in the industry, this growth is healthy, there is no need to worry about the technology bubble now or in the near future. Analysis of the industry, the performance is good and only turned from the flow of money, or the performance of the Internet stocks eye-catching performance of the two factors. China leading Internet two quarterly beautiful and actively create ecological system has experienced rapid growth after years of Internet stocks of companies still maintain a high growth rate, from the two quarter report, leading enterprise data is quite brisk. August 17th, Tencent released second quarter earnings, by the end of the game revenue growth doubled and other stimuli, net profit increased by 47% to $10 billion 700 million, the highest record in history. Since the beginning of this year, the Tencent’s share price rose as high as 39.57%, far exceeding the index rose 8.16%. In August 11th, Alibaba (group released the second quarter of the first quarter of fiscal year 2017 earnings), the company achieved revenue of $4 billion 838 million, an increase of 59%; due to the drag on new business, and the loss of rookie, word-of-mouth network, the current net profit of $1 billion 75 million, down 77%. However, after Alibaba earnings release, the stock continued to rise, and hit a new high of nearly $98.25 a year. Baidu second quarter total revenue reached相关的主题文章: