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At the beginning of the fruity VC articles to "flower of life" autumn bloom [Abstract] the fruit VC, the fourth album "Apocalypse" issued after three years, is the replacement of blood, power savings, to regain the heart at the beginning of time. "Flower of life" (Flower of Life) shows they will not stop the pace of progress. Fruity VC "until the end of the world" (Indie & #183; white coffee Tencent entertainment news for fruit VC, the fourth album "Apocalypse" issued after three years, the time to retrieve the change is the beginning of the heart blood, power savings. "Flower of life" (Flower of Life) shows they will not stop the pace of progress. Say goodbye to "never say goodbye to the old memories," the beginning, everything is new. In the album "Apocalypse", fruity VC with innovative retro synthesizer strings and majestic momentum associated with the use of the textbook style music model for music. Then, in 2015, VC was the band in history with hitherto unknown tour, footprints all over the country in 12 cities. This precious experience on the road, a variety of knowledge, prompting members of the life process of thinking. With VC’s new bassist Li Xiaoquan took the "flower of life" creation, rapidly lead singer Sun Lingsheng, guitarist Liu Zitao and drummer Yang Lin resonance. Sun Lingsheng said, when he heard the song for the first time, the heart is full of moving. This is a type of praise songs, is not involved in the creation of the field of fruit VC. The recording is very smooth, almost completely. Under the high consensus, the band decided to take the flower of life as the first song of return. Heart to meet life much anyway, the flower appears in ancient Egyptian mystery schools, the flower of life (Flower of Life) is one of the Everything is contained therein. geometric symbols. It was born in the circular dismantling process congruent elliptical nimbus, repeat 7 times and outward rotation, can get the "cell" pattern. Every eighth times is a new beginning, such an infinite number of structures and repetitions, until eventually creating a "matrix"". This course also like meiotic cell division of human body, and the flower of life which is also regarded as a symbol of the geometric process of natural creation, its arrangement and evolution, and the universe is similar. The flower of life is a pure flame of consciousness, and the structure of it covers every aspect of life, and the level of human consciousness depends upon it. It contains a mathematical equation, all the laws of physics; each contains a musical chord, each kind of life form of physiology — including your body, atoms, all dimensional levels; also contains everything fluctuations in the universe. For the fruit VC, the flower of life is their heart. Life comes from dismantling will eventually be obtained, from the dark will eventually be lit. Go to the bright heart much anyway, go to want to go — this is a speculative fruity VC type philosophy. Return is the most sincere, simple direct force in love than love is sweet life, introspective music can bring plenty of sympathy. Though we are small in the face of great fortune, life is given to us from the beginning相关的主题文章: