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Wei Fan starred in the color fan fan wanted to renew the front with Zhi Ling douke

Wei Fan "character in" Fan Jin and Zhi Ling want to rekindle the intern Chihiro Chenxuan Wen Zhang Dawei camera Sina entertainment news on September 22nd, the twenty-fifth session of the film festival, the film "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju" conference held in Tangshan. The movie starring Wei Fan [micro-blog], Chupin representative Ying Da attended the event, Wei Fan said he would "character in" van into a corner, was asked to co actress, Wei Fan bluntly hope and Zhi Ling sister again "movie" the fate of Taoist mountain. From the movie "Wei Fan" after the priests down, has been away from the big screen for a year. We have starred in "I am not Pan Jinlian", "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju", Wei Fan said 2016 will be a year of their pay and harvest. As the movie "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju" of the protagonist, Wei Fan jokes that he is "the character appeared, because the fan into this role and they have many similarities, such as close to the age, is more than and 50 years old; all surnamed fan, can be regarded as the surname clan; character are" pedantic "; also after school road of course, hard, he did not like him mad. Wei Fan also said that the film "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju" content will pay more attention to the character of these fan before and after the psychological state, and changes in the people around fan into the psychology and behavior before and after the move, in order to highlight the theme of human nature. As for the film "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju" heroine, is also in the movie fan’s wife in a corner, Wei Fan did not disclose the specific candidates, but expressed the hope that the majority of users to solicit opinions, so that the majority of users together for the Fan Jinxuan daughter-in-law benefit by mutual discussion. Asked to want to cooperate with the actress, Wei Fan bluntly hope to continue with her sister Zhi Ling movie monk down the fate. Said Wei Fan on the comedy movie box office Changhong view, comedy movie is popular comedian’s blessing, the actors deal with comedy in awe, do every work must conscientiously, very careful. The movie "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju" as a screenwriter by screenwriter Li Weizhi Li Tingting and screenwriter female father, said the literary works of "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju" to the big screen is not only to pay tribute to the classic, must be integrated into the current sensitive topic in the film, such as fan cram, test cheat and other content, add elements of comedy film at the same time, more closely on the current audience attention social phenomenon, point out problems. It is reported that the film "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju" adapted from the Qing Dynasty novelist Wu Jingzi created this satirical novel. Through depicting the fan in a tree in the examination, depicts Fan Jin for the imperial examination of joy mad image and epididymitis trend, the fickleness of the world shameful social atmosphere, the characteristics of society and its dark time on the irony. (Intern Zhang Dawei Wen Wen Chihiro Chenxuan (camera) commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章:

U.S. service sector data poor U.S. dollar shock rebound

U.S. service sector data poor dollar dollar shock rebound in the exposure of the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! FX168 financial news (Hongkong) hearing the RMB against the U.S. dollar on Wednesday (September 7th) early morning shock rebound, the central parity continued to rise. Traders said that due to poor U.S. service sector data dragged down the dollar index, the RMB rebounded. But the dollar has sparked off the disk Gouhui, so early yuan rose cut. American Supply Management Association (ISM) released data show that in August the non manufacturing index was 51.4, the lowest since February 2010. Market forecast of 55.7 in July was 55.5. RMB against the U.S. dollar closed at 6.6803 on the spot, the end of the night plate reported at 6.6768. Today, the central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar reported 6.6555, the median price of 6.6676. Dollar turnover of $13 billion 225 million, up $10 billion 194 million on the day. NDF (NDF) market, the dollar one-year variety reported in 6.8215, on the day in late 6.8153. Hongkong’s offshore renminbi dollar spot reported in 6.6758, on a trading day in late 6.6745. The global currency market, the yen rose on Wednesday. Before the United States announced poor economic data, making the United States is unlikely to raise interest rates this month, prompting investors to cut bets against the dollar, and in the early days of the Asian disk triggered a stop loss. Beijing time on September 7th 13:07, US $6.668190. Proofreading: TIER into the [Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

People’s Daily Overseas Edition Taiping Island, Cai Yingwen played what abacus

People’s Daily Overseas Edition: Taiping Island, Cai Yingwen played what abacus? Original title: Taiping Island, Taiwan authorities play what abacus (editor Chen Xiaoxing stands) "people’s Daily Overseas Edition" (08 2016 26 August edition 03) 100 day jiangshan. DPP authorities took office nearly a hundred days, but the polls have been diving, Cai Yingwen support for the first time fell below 50%, a variety of forward-looking analysis followed. Some people think of "former" Chen Shuibian, warned Cai Yingwen not to repeat, with the transfer of internal contradictions and the focus of foreign aggression. One need not look far for a lesson。 After Chen Shuibian’s "son of Taiwan" aura eclipsed corruption, borrow, he began the Dutch act type "Taiwan independence" charge, referendum, "admission", "frozen series, even uncle Sam’s eyes do not see, angry George W. Bush swear. Now, Cai Yingwen was elected the aura faded faster, how will she hold around? Her biggest move was to get her "interior minister" on the Pacific island! In addition to Chen Shuibian’s surprise, props, but also more than a peaceful island in the hands of Cai Yingwen. The so-called South China Sea arbitration award will be peaceful island as a reef, the whole Taiwan anger! Pingtung fishermen to Taiping Island declared patrimony at their own expense, more than seven adults for their newly elected Cai Yingwen act, but the "listen" Cai Yingwen ignored, under the leadership of the administrative department to support fishermen open penalty, such as retroaction. When a new poll, Cai Yingwen’s officials landed on the island, we can see that its intentions to quell discontent. But the bottom, do not embrace. First, the DPP pro american friends, waist straight up, let the officials play for generation of non military officials played, not "Sea Patrol", but "internal affairs", the United States and Japan to explain; second, officials on the island, only to the "Nansha hospital" nail a sign, looked at the climate observation facilities, not a protected island that runs a rounders only; third, officials that Cai Yingwen island on the South China Sea arbitration "cut", Cai Yingwen for the future mobile Taiping island this piece sounded the opening gong. Look back at Cai Yingwen’s cut, is a startling step by step, a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance. Cut five points, one is to defend the right of fishing, the three is "the multilateral consultation, inviting international scholars to the Pacific island of transnational ecology, geology, earthquake, meteorology and other scientific research", four as "the Taiping island is the humanitarian center and transport base" to encourage the study of the law of the sea, five talents. Remove the cap and boots, the middle three have emphasized the Taiping island "international", "multilateral" all has nothing to do with the interests of the South China Sea countries; and "humanitarian" and "supply base" of the object is self-evident, according to the current situation of cross-strait relations, Taiping island will not become the Liberation Army "supply base, and military bases and invasion are often from" rescue "and" transport "start. As the largest island in the South China Sea, the Pacific Islands and the South China Sea interests of the game, as long as the Democratic Progressive Party DPP resort to make a gesture, it will stir up the storm, so the intention can not be avoided. The polls diving, the DPP authorities do not think of rational reflection, but for the future provocations planted a lot of foreshadowing. What do they want to do?相关的主题文章:

The official visit to the Philippines Philippines requirements reduce the anti American sentiment Wa 三色网

The official visit to the Philippines Philippines requirements reduce the anti American sentiment Walter freak – Sohu Military Channel Global Times reported: "I told them, don’t treat us like dogs, like I’m wearing dog chain." Philippines media reported that 25 days before departure to visit Japan, Walter held a press conference once again the shelling of the United states. In the press conference, Duthel Te said he received a phone Philippines foreign minister Arthur, Arthur on the phone talking about the U.S. Assistant Secretary of state Russell’s recent trip to Manila, Russell urged the Philippine side to reduce the "anti American rhetoric". A day earlier, Russell told the Philippines media said, Walter in recent months, the anti American rhetoric of "harmful, confusion, worry, caused many people worry about business. Duthel Te, 25, said the Americans crazy, who do they really think they are. All the old and recent grudges in my heart. Duthel Te attacked the United States, Obama and the U.S. Department of state, they threatened the government of the United States in violation of human rights to cut off aid to the Philippines in. Duthel Te said, Americans to Philippines without a visa, Filipinos intend to travel to the United States has always been difficult, he recalled his first application to the United States to visit his girlfriend in the past, when the United States visa officer asked "if you do not get married back to Philippines in the United States?" He mentioned, including war during World War II, the US and Japan, Manila to smithereens within 2 days, resulting in 200 thousand deaths, and the 1906 U.S. troops in southern Philippines massacred hundreds of indigenous people. He said, "you know, sir, there’s a lot of historical pain before we move forward". Philippines media reported that Duthel Te also announced that if he had stayed long enough, it is better to forget Philippines "to strengthen defense cooperation agreement", "in addition to the Philippines army, I don’t want to see any other nation’s military in Philippines". Duthel Te’s rage, trying to convince the change of foreign policy for Japan is probably a bad omen. The "Philippines star" 25 published editorial said that in any case, Philippines should adopt independent foreign policy, Duthel Te wants to ensure that Philippines never surrender to any person, this is correct. The Taiwan news said 25 days, the United States will not allow Duthel Te suddenly "wild face", the new president after the inevitable counterattack, Philippines’s military relations with the United States in the future may become close to counter Duthel Te’s main force, Philippines since 1986 occurred two times up government action are behind the CIA involvement. Reported that Duthel Te also heard of the coup, especially in the southern regions of the United States special forces off the premises, or even the end of the U.S. joint patrols with the South China sea. But the pre emptive effort is not without doubt. The report also said the U.S. media began to Walter anti drug campaign linked to the "shock" rule of law "caused by political uncertainty, foreign capital began to flow out from the Philippine stock market, Philippines Bissau also began to fall. These financial means of retaliation for the United States but it can also use a master hand’s first small display, credit rating agencies to reduce Philippines’s sovereign credit rating, to stimulate further financial turmoil. "Voice of America" quoted a scholar as saying, most of the Philippines military officers from the United States West Point graduate." Russian Academy of sciences.相关的主题文章:

Beijing – VIDEO – heavy rain caused by a number of tourists stranded in Yili, a scenic spot in Xinji 霍金hawking

Beijing – VIDEO – storm caused more than tourists trapped in the Xinjiang Yili area caused by heavy rain more than tourists trapped in the Xinjiang Yili area [comment] September 13th 22 PM, Xinjiang Yili fire brigade command center alarm, sudden rainstorm weather in Xinjiang Yili Qapqal County in the scenic area more than tourists trapped, fire, public security the police department, will be trapped in rescue to safety. Due to the rescue site about 60 kilometers from the county seat, and there are 8 adults and 4 children trapped in that specific situation, fire linked to the familiar terrain of the Qapqal County Public Security Bureau police reinforcements together the incident. 23 am, arrived at the scene, due to the road in the mountains muddy slippery, coupled with the rain under the greater, ordinary vehicles can not travel. Fire officers and soldiers and the people familiar with the terrain grazing two times into the mountain, will be trapped in rescue to safety. After understanding, trapped people from Urumqi tourists to Yili, unexpectedly encountered heavy rain. Yining fire department to remind the tourists, Eid al AdhA and Mid Autumn Festival holiday time travel, please pay attention to local weather conditions, especially the weather mountain. Ji Jiangtong Qapqal County, Xinjiang, reported by Li Zhiyong相关的主题文章: