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Baby girl Bao Li "pony picture zone + self-protection picture story book" mother – Sohu in September 18th, "Bao Li baby picture zone + Pony Girl self protection picture story book" released free trial activities. The event issued by the company’s books, especially the sponsorship. This is a set of training girls self protection ability of picture books. The selection of 6 common life self protection "theme: I don’t believe that the" stranger "I won’t run away" "don’t bully me" "don’t use language to hurt me" "I want to say" no "" "" I don’t go to dangerous places. Each story revolves around a theme of self preservation, through the pony’s dangerous experience and the way to defuse the crisis to get inspiration from the children, improve safety awareness. "Safe" small class "self-care tips" and "safety files" three column section, let the children master safety knowledge in life, teach children in the face of danger to protect their own skills, time to protect themselves. Baby zone since March 7, 2011, began to formally organized website picture book free home delivery trial activities, it has been sixth years. From the line since the baby zone advocate picture parent-child reading, has always been to "let every child become lovers" as the goal, in this business philosophy, creating a picture book baby zone free home delivery activities probation standard mode, maintain good cooperation with hundreds of books read press, become lead the industry benchmark platform. The major platform to imitate. So far, the platform has a total payment of more than 2 volumes of books, and hundreds of books on a weekly free delivery frequency to continue to carry out activities, covering millions of books like family. If the majority of parents still worry about the children choose children’s books, picture books a baby zone may wish to participate in activities, let the children picture book, cognitive growth. 21ours 21ours 21ours 21ours, more parental knowledge, parent-child interaction, topic, prize free trial please sign "baby zone" website相关的主题文章: