Bear child’s Wujiang swimming was washed away and everyone was chased for 3 kilometers to save him-remonstrate

Xiong boy, Wujiang swimming was washed away. After catching up for 3 kilometers, he rescued him. (reporter Tan Yao) the temperature on the first two days of the National Day holiday rose to over 30 degrees, creating a comfortable environment for the citizens to go out to play. 3 bear children in Wulong went to Wujiang to bathe and take a shower, and one of the boys was rushed out of the water. After the public alarm, the police and fire fighters arrived at the riverside 3 kilometers downstream to save the child. Alarm a child have been washed away by the river in 2 at 2 pm, Wulong County Public Security Bureau police station and police station south lane and fire fighters rushed to lusted footbridge near Wujiang, because some people say the alarm, a child in Wujiang has been washed away. The police were in and out on the Wujiang bridge, but did not find the little boy. Finally, the police saw a little boy near the entrance of the gorge. When he saw him still moving, everyone saw hope and shouted, "don’t panic, don’t panic, get closer to the shore, we’re all to save you…" The rescue went to the shore miraculously, and the little boy was swimming down the river. If he wanted to save him, he had to bring him back to the shore in the lower reaches of the river when he approached. The two way is either a ship or a swim, but at this time it’s too late to get away from the ship. But if people swim to save, because of water flow, impact force, even if the rescue workers are familiar with the water, the rescue difficulty is very large, and very dangerous. At this time, the little boy drifted into a shoal, because the river narrows, the little boy is very close to the shore. We see hope, loudly guide little boy, let him down the water slowly swim towards the shore, drifting down in a distance, the little boy really through their own efforts to swim to the river. The drivers and passengers on the road came to help and pull the rope together. At about 2:20 in the afternoon, the rescuers pulled the little boy up. The little boy was bare feel shy, police hurried off uniforms for the little boy’s. After a medical examination, the little boy was not injured. Breathtaking drifted 3 km after understanding, 9 year old Chen, who lives near the people’s Square in Wulong. At 1 p.m. that day, Xiao Chen and two young partners of the same age feel the weather is hot, and they invite the Wujiang to take a bath and summer heat. They came to the side of Wujiang under the county pedestrian bridge. "I’m going to go down," said Xiao Chen. "Are you going to go?" The other two children because there is no Xiajiang swim. Who knows, the seemingly shallow river is very fast, small Chen Gang water is washed away. Xiao Chen, who was 10 years old, had soaked in the river for more than 20 minutes, floated 3 kilometers and could swim to the shore. It was a miracle. The police then took Chen back to the police station to understand the situation, determine the right after Chen, let Grandpa home. The police carried out safety education to the three "bear children" and contacted their parents. Because Xiao Chen’s parents are all working in Zhejiang, the old grandfather is in charge of the discipline, so Xiao Chen is a little naughty at ordinary times.

熊孩子乌江游泳被冲走 大家追了3公里救起他   本报讯 (记者 谭遥)国庆假期的前两天温度回升到30℃以上,给市民创造了一个外出游玩的舒适环境。武隆的3个熊孩子跑到乌江里洗澡降暑,不料其中一男孩刚下水就被冲跑了。群众报警后,民警和消防战士赶到下游3公里处的河边将孩子救了起来。   报警   一孩子被江水冲走   2日下午2点过,武隆县公安局江南派出所和巷口派出所的民警以及消防战士们急急火火地赶到人行桥乌江边,因为有人报警说,一名小孩在乌江里被水冲走了。   民警们在乌江二桥上来回搜寻,但并未发现小男孩。   最后,民警在峡门口附近看见了小男孩。见他还在动,大家看到了希望,大声吼道:“不要慌,不要慌,慢慢向岸边靠拢,我们都是来救你的……”   救援   奇迹般地游到岸边   小男孩随着江水往下游漂,要想救他就必须在下游的江中,待他靠近时,将他带回岸边。两种方式,要么是船只,要么是游泳,但此时调离船只,时间根本来不及。但如果人游泳去救,因水流急,冲击力大,即使救援人员熟悉水性,救援难度也非常大,而且非常危险。   这时,小男孩漂到一浅滩处,由于江面变窄,小男孩非常接近岸边。大家看到了希望,大声引导小男孩,让他顺着水流慢慢向岸边游,在向下漂了一段距离后,小男孩真的通过自身努力游到了江边。   公路上的司机、乘客见状纷纷前来帮忙,一起拉动绳索。当天下午2点20分左右,救援人员把小男孩拉了上来。小男孩浑身光溜溜的不好意思,民警急忙脱下警服为小男孩遮羞。经过医务人员检查,小男孩没有受伤。   惊险   顺水漂流了3公里   经过了解,9岁的小陈家住武隆人民广场附近。当天下午1点过时,小陈与两个年龄相仿的小伙伴觉得天气热,便邀约到乌江里洗澡降暑。   他们来到县城人行桥下的乌江边。小陈说:“我要下去了,你们到底去不去?”另外两个孩子因为不会游泳便没有下江。   谁知,看似很浅的江水却很湍急,小陈刚下水就被冲走。不满10岁的小陈在江里泡了二十多分钟,漂了3公里,还能游到岸边,确实算是奇迹。   民警随后带着小陈回到派出所了解情况,确定小陈没事后,让爷爷领回了家。   民警对这三个“熊孩子”进行了安全教育,也联系了他们的父母。由于小陈的父母均在浙江打工,平时是年迈的爷爷负责管教,所以小陈平时略显顽皮。相关的主题文章: