Beijing – VIDEO – Fujian start against the Meranti, emergency response times EMU outage many schools

Beijing – VIDEO – Fujian start against the "Meranti" level II emergency response times EMU outage many schools closed [comment] No. fourteenth typhoon "Meranti this year" with all the way along the coast of Fujian raid a dangerous situation, according to the Fujian Provincial Meteorological Bureau predicted that "Meranti" will be 20 per hour to the speed of 25 kilometers to continue to move north to the west, and possibly at 15 am in the morning to Xiamen to Huilai along the coastal areas, landing typhoon strength level. [interpretation] during the Mid Autumn Festival coincides with the astronomical tide, will bring heavy rain, a great threat to Fujian. According to the Fujian provincial flood control and anti typhoon emergency plan, Fujian authorities have started at 12 on September 13th typhoon II emergency response. [comment] facing the incoming typhoon "Meranti", Fujian "wind", all localities and departments to act quickly, and actively carry out the work of anti typhoon. [comment] 13 afternoon, the reporter learned from the Fujian Provincial Education Department, Xiamen, coastal Fuzhou, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, Putian and Pingtan comprehensive experimentation area of six municipalities in primary and secondary schools (including secondary vocational schools and special schools), 14 kindergarten classes for a day; the rest of the school and the coastal Longyan, Sanming, Ningde all kinds of schools in Nanping, according to the meteorological department closed early warning signals, make timely closure decisions. [interpretation] in addition to the school, the typhoon also to traffic impact. In order to reduce the impact of the typhoon, the Nanchang Railway Bureau will be discontinued on September 14th to 16, Hangzhou, Hefei Fuzhou via deep dragon Zhangzhou, Jiangxi dragon, Chang Fu, Yong Po line operating a total of 166 train tickets, which in September 14th 11, September 15th 153, September 16th 2. Railway authorities said, according to the actual wind speed, rainfall, speed, to take timely measures such as outage, transportation safety, to ensure the absolute safety of passenger trains. [comment] Road, the reporter learned from the Fujian Provincial Communications Department, transportation department launched a typhoon II response, the mobilization of transportation system emergency team, traffic police troops stationed in Fujian, traffic construction, emergency power related social emergency forces entered the alert status, the implementation of rescue equipment, relief supplies, 24 hours standby. Once the disaster quickly organize disaster insurance. Reporter Wu Shengwei Fujian, Fuzhou reports相关的主题文章: