Beijing Youth Daily officials for disaster relief support as being dismissed not wronged – Beijing-sayu-02

Beijing Youth Daily: officials for disaster relief support as being dismissed – not wronged Beijing newspaper commentator Pan Hongqi "helped relief according to" triggered a public opinion to the current work of the local government need to take decisive measures, timely response to public concern. Government departments to strengthen the service consciousness, actively change the style of work, you should personally observe the people start from the grassroots, public officials, from officials in certain situations can not say the wrong thing, inspect the disaster not wearing the wrong shoes so that the details of the start. Zhejiang Wenzhou city Taishun county seriously affected in the typhoon "Meranti", the County Bureau of Education Department of finance chief Bao Xuwei became a "red net". A net transfer photos show, Xuwei package was to "help" to school inspect the disaster, triggering a variety of arguments. Taishun County Bureau of Education announced yesterday, "said the disaster caused by public opinion supported according to" cause a greater negative impact on the rescue and relief work, decided to remove the package ordered the Weixian County Bureau of Education Department of finance chief duties. According to reports, the "disaster relief support according to" circulated on the Internet, the photographer stood out to apologize, said the package Xuwei was helped not enjoy the "privilege", with his two staff members of the insurance company is not the package of subordinates, did not need to please, just because the package was wearing shoes, two people helped him it is just It’s only human. "I was filming this, is to reflect the mutual assistance between the people before the disaster, did not think it completely changed the taste, it is being over interpretation." However, the "relief arm according to" provoked a storm of public opinion, users overwhelmingly targeted package Xuwei, criticized him sympathetic afraid dirty feet. If it is beyond dispute over interpretation, the package Xuwei does seem a bit. Public opinion continued after fermentation, Xuwei package soon removed from the County Education Bureau, bureau of education "in view of the reasons given by the public opinion on the rescue and relief work caused great negative impact", the official does not care about how Xuwei package in the end is not a privilege, but are more concerned about the "disaster relief support according to public opinion" cause caused much negative influence — if in fact caused a greater negative impact, so no matter whether can be helped Xuwei package as a "privilege", he will be subject to appropriate treatment, otherwise it can not be timely and effective to quell public opinion. From this point of view, if the package Xuwei has no subjective "intentional privilege", the objective is also not "privilege" of the facts, so he because such a picture was removed, indeed a bit injustice. However, the local education bureau did not care about whether the package Xuwei enjoyed the "privilege", more concerned about the "relief arm as" triggered public opinion has what effect, and according to the need to deal with public opinion, public officials of public opinion decided to make corresponding processing, this consideration and practice is perfectly logical and reasonable. No matter whether the package Xuwei enjoy the "privilege" of the subjective and objective facts, regardless of "disaster relief support according to the spread of the Internet, users of the package Xuwei criticism is over interpretation, as long as the" relief arm as "triggered a public opinion or hinder current work detrimental to social stability, local government and relevant departments have the need to take decisive measures in a timely manner.相关的主题文章: