Best to fight the boss! Zhang Zetian investment milk powder company will be listed-mkdv-02

Best to fight the boss! Zhang Zetian investment milk company will be listed Zhang Zetian (Figure) Sina entertainment news on November 16th afternoon, blue whale finance reporter working platform in micro-blog puliao a company called tea sister Zhang Zetian investment will be listed, causing onlookers. According to Bowen said, "Zhang Zetian’s name appears in an Australian infant formula and complementary company Bubs prospectus, the company will be listed in australia. According to the prospectus, Zhang Zetian, director of the company, insiders revealed that she is also one of the investors." Known as the history of the fight boss Zhang Zetian, since July last year, graduated from Tsinghua University has invested a lot of company tea brand, Internet travel projects, online education and other fields. This is the first time Bubs investment in the mother and child industry Zhang Zetian first attempt. According to statistics, Bubs is Australia high-end infant food brand, is also very popular in the middle of the star mother, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s daughter Lu Jiexi also had the Bubs of Amway products to friends Qi Wei [micro-blog]. Tea sister can have a pair of eye, Uber won the praise of earlier investment, investment corporations will now listed. In this regard, the netizens in addition to express congratulations, but also no lack of praise of the language, severe my tea!" There are net friendly Qi Dao, "Liu Qiangdong [micro-blog] is the largest shareholder, right?" (Intern Su Yewen) (commissioning editor: Blue)相关的主题文章: