Brad Pitt talks about divorce it’s so sad to ask everyone to give them space-zghd

Brad? Peter: very sad about the divorce please give children space – Beijing, Beijing, September 21, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud reports, Hollywood actor Brad (Brad Pitt) and Peter? Angelina? Julie (Angelina Jolie) married for 2 years, 19 days suddenly has been traced to apply for a divorce. He later issued a statement to the foreign media, confirmed that the divorce has been dealt with, I also feel very sad, I hope the outside world can leave some space for children. Foreign media reports, lawyers in 19 confirmed Angelina Julie has filed for divorce: "this is for the family health decisions during this period of time, she will not respond, also ask you in this difficult time, giving her family a little privacy." In addition, Brad Pitt has also issued a statement: "I’m very sorry, but now the most important thing is our children’s peace, I sincerely ask everybody to give them a little space, this is what they deserve in this difficult time." Angelina Julie and Brad Pitt courtship 10 years, until 2014 in France. Did not think the marriage only lasted 2 years material ends. Qiu Li put forward a divorce lawsuit also within 19 days of exposure, you can see the court has accepted the case; it is reported that she is also trying to fight for custody of the child, and was hired as John? Depp (Johnny Depp) divorce lawyer.相关的主题文章: