Bus rollover rescue wounded brother rescued seven or eight people did not timely rescue mother meyou

Bus rollover rescue rescued seven or eight people wounded brother mother Wen trainee reporter Sun Xiaotian reporter Yang Tao figure in August 25th did not timely rescue, Jiangxi fire official micro-blog released micro-blog said: "save brother" wounded and rescued seven or eight people, but forgot to save his parents. Yesterday afternoon, the Wuhan evening news reporter found in the ward of the 15 floor of the hospital building in the East Hospital District, general hospital, the rescue brother Sun Min. Sun min 41 year old lying on the bed, watching the play on the ground son, eyeful of love, can not hide the sadness. 4 days ago, they just had a car accident. Sun Min rescued seven or eight people from the bus overturned, but could not rescue the same old mother was trapped in the car. Wuhan Ji Jiangxi bus overturned 6 dead 25 injured in August 24th, hangrui high-speed nine section of traffic accident scene. That night, the Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Bureau issued a micro-blog: a car driving by the driver Chen Hubei ALY828 large ordinary passenger cars along hangrui highway from Jingdezhen to Jiujiang direction of travel, hit the front of a truck light dump Jiangxi HY9308 Chen Moumou driving, resulting in two cars rushed out the right side of the fence and rollover. 6 passengers were killed and about 25 injured. The bus is a tourist bus, the car full of passengers to Mount Huangshan to play in Wuhan. Incident, they have just left from Mount Huangshan, ready to return to Wuhan. After the incident, the injured passengers were sent to the nearest hospital of Fuzhou Medical College, Nanchang University, Poyang Lake. Yesterday morning, the injured passengers were taken back to Wuhan for treatment. Sun Min memories, the incident time is about 3 p.m. on August 24th. More than 1 in the afternoon, the tourists after lunch, the car starting from Mount Huangshan together, they take the number 4 car. More than an hour later, he thought to the front service area to go to the toilet to rest. Look at the mobile phone ready to take down, suddenly "bang" sound, then is dizzy. He breathed God, found all the white smoke, the air filled with the smell, lime flavor, mixed with broken glass bursts of crackling sound. Sun Min has not had time to think, just listen to a little girl crying on the side: "uncle, please help me." Sun Min discovered that the car has four wheels turn upward in the ditch, the car people piled baggage, seat and a mess besmeared with blood. "Save brother" to save third people is the son of "I took the little girl up to the window, let her hold over the windowsill, jumped out of the car window." Sun Min saw the window from the ground 1 meters high, do not worry, holding her down, "ditch the car, is full of lime, I hugged her up on the side of the road slope, put her on the roadside on the platform." At this time, the little girl shouted: "uncle, save my mother." Sun Min went back to the car and saved the little girl’s mother. The second time in the car, Sun Mincai rescued his son, who was 10 years old. After he rescued another pair of mother and daughter, returned to the car and found the lover’s legs were sandwiched between the two seats. "The wife’s leg was broken, I told her:" wife, you have to be strong, and do not know where the strength, may really have "the power" 8.相关的主题文章: