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Cai Yingwen is too strict security disturbing users: afraid of such tanks. Sit – Sohu Military Channel Taiwan leader Cai Yingwen took office are still living in South Dunhua apartment. Nearby people complained that Cai Yingwen to work, the police will suddenly check the office workers, passers-by, so that neighbors feel quite unhappy, called on Cai Yingwen to move away. Taiwan netizen said, "now the DPP is to engage in martial law? Otherwise why often in front of the door, there are users acid Cai Yingwen "would be afraid of this? Is there a paranoia, or a bad thing to do too much? Why don’t you just take a tank to work and increase security." Taiwan: a case of a "spread the war so far, Taiwan youth labor group into the days before the DPP central protest, the KMT also decided to all-out war. Not to protest the October 5th record book "one example of a" trial conference, the Taiwan in November 4th the Legislative Yuan procedure process, some people demanded the return of "motion", others oppose return; thus, more than and 100 bill must enter the vote, repeat voting even named the voting procedure is stalled. In addition, due to dissatisfaction with the head of public opinion, Su Jiaquan failed to preside over justice, the KMT group will be removed from the proposal of the director of the Commissioner of special fees. At the same time, the group will also appoint a lawyer, if necessary for the DPP chairman Lin Zhijia and the day of the meeting on behalf of the people of Chen Ying, the forgery and the civil service is not available for the criminal to tell. 3 days, Taiwan public agencies to review the 2017 annual Taiwan defense department budget, the defense department responsible person in charge of Feng Shikuan caused controversy because often slip, representatives decided to remove the 15 million NT officers special charges, warned Feng Shikuan to be cautious after. Since Feng Shikuan took office after another slip of the tongue, such as claims that mercenary effect is better than in previous years, but bounced; male three missiles "mistakenly shot", the first time that Feng Shikuan was denied, business supervision of dereliction of duty. Pig meat is imported, so much concern Taiwan people. Taiwan public opinion on again before the pig for the United States to discuss issues, and asked the Taiwan authorities Department of agriculture said. The Taiwan authorities Department of agriculture responsible Cao Qihong said that at present the Taiwan Academy of Agricultural Sciences animal has beauty pig risk assessment, but can not determine the duration of the report. KMT people Jiang Qichen and others, such as the United States and the United States held a press conference on the topic of the pig, the fight for the agricultural sector and even did not surrender, questioned the authority of the people’s Republic of China will be placed on the health of the people of the local government in the Cai Yingwen? Wang Huimei Taiwan administrative department and the public opinion agencies 3 noon closed terrestrial nano health insurance revised direction, decided by the degree of Taiwan school license, "health insurance, but need to pay the full insurance; but as a short term or one year exchange is not included, a limit range. The amendment proposed by the Democratic Progressive Party on behalf of the people’s Republic of china. According to the Taiwan authorities the education department statistics, the new semester began in September 2016, to the degree students 9327 people, 15 thousand and 448 people of non degree students. The DPP said, a short term or one year exchange therefore decided not included in the The stream never stops flowing..相关的主题文章: