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U.S. service sector data poor U.S. dollar shock rebound

U.S. service sector data poor dollar dollar shock rebound in the exposure of the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! FX168 financial news (Hongkong) hearing the RMB against the U.S. dollar on Wednesday (September 7th) early morning shock rebound, the central parity continued to rise. Traders said that due to poor U.S. service sector data dragged down the dollar index, the RMB rebounded. But the dollar has sparked off the disk Gouhui, so early yuan rose cut. American Supply Management Association (ISM) released data show that in August the non manufacturing index was 51.4, the lowest since February 2010. Market forecast of 55.7 in July was 55.5. RMB against the U.S. dollar closed at 6.6803 on the spot, the end of the night plate reported at 6.6768. Today, the central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar reported 6.6555, the median price of 6.6676. Dollar turnover of $13 billion 225 million, up $10 billion 194 million on the day. NDF (NDF) market, the dollar one-year variety reported in 6.8215, on the day in late 6.8153. Hongkong’s offshore renminbi dollar spot reported in 6.6758, on a trading day in late 6.6745. The global currency market, the yen rose on Wednesday. Before the United States announced poor economic data, making the United States is unlikely to raise interest rates this month, prompting investors to cut bets against the dollar, and in the early days of the Asian disk triggered a stop loss. Beijing time on September 7th 13:07, US $6.668190. Proofreading: TIER into the [Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

The official visit to the Philippines Philippines requirements reduce the anti American sentiment Wa 三色网

The official visit to the Philippines Philippines requirements reduce the anti American sentiment Walter freak – Sohu Military Channel Global Times reported: "I told them, don’t treat us like dogs, like I’m wearing dog chain." Philippines media reported that 25 days before departure to visit Japan, Walter held a press conference once again the shelling of the United states. In the press conference, Duthel Te said he received a phone Philippines foreign minister Arthur, Arthur on the phone talking about the U.S. Assistant Secretary of state Russell’s recent trip to Manila, Russell urged the Philippine side to reduce the "anti American rhetoric". A day earlier, Russell told the Philippines media said, Walter in recent months, the anti American rhetoric of "harmful, confusion, worry, caused many people worry about business. Duthel Te, 25, said the Americans crazy, who do they really think they are. All the old and recent grudges in my heart. Duthel Te attacked the United States, Obama and the U.S. Department of state, they threatened the government of the United States in violation of human rights to cut off aid to the Philippines in. Duthel Te said, Americans to Philippines without a visa, Filipinos intend to travel to the United States has always been difficult, he recalled his first application to the United States to visit his girlfriend in the past, when the United States visa officer asked "if you do not get married back to Philippines in the United States?" He mentioned, including war during World War II, the US and Japan, Manila to smithereens within 2 days, resulting in 200 thousand deaths, and the 1906 U.S. troops in southern Philippines massacred hundreds of indigenous people. He said, "you know, sir, there’s a lot of historical pain before we move forward". Philippines media reported that Duthel Te also announced that if he had stayed long enough, it is better to forget Philippines "to strengthen defense cooperation agreement", "in addition to the Philippines army, I don’t want to see any other nation’s military in Philippines". Duthel Te’s rage, trying to convince the change of foreign policy for Japan is probably a bad omen. The "Philippines star" 25 published editorial said that in any case, Philippines should adopt independent foreign policy, Duthel Te wants to ensure that Philippines never surrender to any person, this is correct. The Taiwan news said 25 days, the United States will not allow Duthel Te suddenly "wild face", the new president after the inevitable counterattack, Philippines’s military relations with the United States in the future may become close to counter Duthel Te’s main force, Philippines since 1986 occurred two times up government action are behind the CIA involvement. Reported that Duthel Te also heard of the coup, especially in the southern regions of the United States special forces off the premises, or even the end of the U.S. joint patrols with the South China sea. But the pre emptive effort is not without doubt. The report also said the U.S. media began to Walter anti drug campaign linked to the "shock" rule of law "caused by political uncertainty, foreign capital began to flow out from the Philippine stock market, Philippines Bissau also began to fall. These financial means of retaliation for the United States but it can also use a master hand’s first small display, credit rating agencies to reduce Philippines’s sovereign credit rating, to stimulate further financial turmoil. "Voice of America" quoted a scholar as saying, most of the Philippines military officers from the United States West Point graduate." Russian Academy of sciences.相关的主题文章:

Is the Japanese made Now to rely on costly aircraft back – financial Sohu yuanmu

Is the Japanese made? Now to rely on costly aircraft back – Sohu manufacturing country finance in Japan after the Second World War decades there has been no domestic aircraft. Now, the government and the industry are investing heavily in the development of large aviation industry, to reproduce the glory of Japan’s former glory, boost the economy. But it is to enter the regional aircraft market is the bombardier giant, and Russia the bright younger generation is very competitive. Japan, Gifu – Kato (Kato Manufacturing) made in Japan blue collar workers in central Gifu County enclave, is a microcosm of the country industry evolution. The family owned hardware store, founded 128 years ago, was originally a simple agricultural tool for Japan, which was largely agrarian society. Wait until Japan become a manufacturing giant, Everfount for the whole world to produce mobile phone and electronic products, Kato began to supply metal products is equivalent to the skeleton, is carved frame and other products to the house, a shelter. Now, Japan is facing competition from low-cost countries such as China, is actively trying to find their strength in the manufacturing field. So, Kato began to produce parts for aircraft. The company has recently installed a new metalworking equipment, hired six workers to meet from domestic aircraft manufacturers orders. The president of the company, as well as the Kato family in the company’s fourth generation leader (Keiji Kato), said: " aircraft, rockets – they are a symbol of manufacturing. " Kato production is just a piece of the jigsaw puzzle of the Japanese government. Japan is the aviation industry to invest billions of dollars, hoping to restore the loss of manufacturing jobs and boost its industrial center, is also in Gifu as the center of the neighboring counties. Over the past ten years, SONY and Panasonic have shut down the domestic consumer electronics factory. Although Japan’s car industry has been more resilient, officials fear that the region’s industrial base is becoming more and more narrow and even dangerous. The development of the aviation industry is not just to seek economic growth. The symbol, this action is the most open MITSUBISHI regional jet (the Mitsubishi Regional Jet) was billed as a jack, holding the Japanese national pride and industrial revitalization, is an opportunity to reproduce a part of Japanese manufacturing Japan Inc. former glory. Japan’s economy minister announced on the short flight of the plane at an airport in Nagoya, ", the beginning of a new era in Japan’s aviation industry. " but reached the field of aviation will be very difficult. The country’s last passenger plane, or more than 40 years ago, was the age of the propeller age. Moreover, although Japan has assembled some types of military aircraft, but never produced a civil aircraft. The industry needs a huge start-up capital, currently controlled by several mature giants. Brazil Aviation Industry Corp (Em);相关的主题文章:

To milk, milk is the most important! Sohu –

To milk, milk is the most important! What is the mother and daughter of Sohu milk? Through the process of smooth massage, diet, diet and other methods to make the call to open the milk. In short, the "open milk", is the first time after the arrival of newborn babies feeding. First, the time to open the milk within 30 minutes after the birth of the newborn to begin contact with the mother’s skin, while helping the newborn sucking nipple. In the second half of the newborn, the feeding reflex was the strongest, and then gradually weakened, and began to recover after 24 hours. Two, as soon as possible to open the milk benefits 1, is conducive to the secretion of breast milk, not only can increase the amount of milk, but also can promote the milk tube unobstructed, prevent the occurrence of mastitis and milk expansion. 2, the newborn can also be sucking and swallowing, and promote intestinal peristalsis and meconium excretion. 3, the sucking action of the newborn, but also can be stimulated to stimulate uterine contraction of the uterus, is conducive to the recovery of the uterus as soon as possible, to reduce bleeding and post natal infection opportunities, more conducive to the early recovery of maternal. 4, early feeding so that children get more maternal love, as soon as possible to meet the psychological needs of both mother and baby, so that the baby feel the warmth of her mother, reducing the baby came to the world of strangeness. Three, open milk breast did not pass before a hot towel, don’t open the milk sucking device for. The key is to let the baby milk frequently sucks, and at the appropriate time of his diligent in massage. Remember, don’t start with a towel. Because the breast is not clear before the hot compress will cause the blood, breast will be more pain up. When the breast flow, can look at every baby born before the hot compress, so that the milk will be more smooth. In addition, there is no clear breast before also don’t eat soup and milk food. After the opening of the breast, remember, ground water, Qin Qin suck soup. At this time, the more milk will be more exciting. Remember to take one every 3 hours. Because of too long expansion of milk, easy to produce block. Four, open the milk Tips 1, establish the confidence of breastfeeding. Many new mothers do not believe that only rely on their own milk will feed the baby, in fact, no matter how the shape and size of the breast, can produce enough milk, establish breastfeeding confidence is very important. 2, suck as soon as possible, often feeding. The baby’s sucking reflex is usually the strongest within first hours of birth, it is recommended to start breastfeeding within half an hour after the birth, the last can not be more than 6 hours. No milk is also the baby to suck, so as to promote the secretion of milk. 3, avoid nipple injury. Just open the milk of the mother, not much milk, nipple delicate, it is easy to be baby to suck the nipple. To avoid nipple injury, when feeding the baby should contain not only contain the areola sucking nipple, sucking the unilateral control time, if the nipples hurt, broken skin, chapped or bleeding phenomenon, can put the milk squeezed out or pumping out, also can bring the nipple protector to feed the baby. 4, unobstructed tube, often emptying, prevent milk bulge. If the mother open when the milk, milk tube has not pass, can be in the professional masseur help open the breast duct, or micro相关的主题文章:

Inner Mongolia, 280 people were responsible for environmental protection is nearly half of the exist

Inner Mongolia 280 people were asked in new network violations – in August 29, 2014 nearly half of protected areas due to environmental responsibility, Inner Mongolia Chinese directly discharged into the Tengger Desert, in the desert of toxic industrial wastewater. The Beijing News chief correspondent Chen Jie photo Beijing News reported the Tengger Desert pollution problem. Beijing News (reporter Wang Shuo Zhao Shi) in July this year, the first batch of 8 provinces of Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate stationed in Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Henan, Guangxi, Yunnan and Ningxia (autonomous region), to carry out environmental protection supervision. November 12th, the first inspection team to the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party committee, government feedback inspector opinion. It is understood that since the inspectors carried out, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region currently has 280 people were responsible for environmental issues. There are many illegal "grim situation Inner Mongolia comrades not only failed to recognize the ecological environment facing the region nearly half of the national and regional level natural protection, but that the region’s environmental capacity, the environment will not be a problem." Zhai Qing, deputy head of the inspection team feedback to Inner Mongolia. He said that some areas of ecological damage is heartbreaking. Inspectors found 89 national and provincial nature protection 41 situation of illegal area, involving 663 companies, and mine environmental governance generally has not been carried out. In addition, 3 companies according to the autonomous region environmental protection agency asked to start the exit mechanism of national natural protection zones of Xilinguole steppe. Hulun Buir Erdos, the presence of illegal occupation of natural grassland, has lost the basic ecological function area relictus National Nature reserve. Hulun Buir is a pharmaceutical odor nuisance complaint 143 times inspector pointed out that Inner Mongolia is lagging behind the water and air pollution prevention and control work to promote the existence of "good water reducing, poor water increased" problem. 2015, the region’s 90 surface water sections, the standard section fell by 7.7 percentage points, bad V class section rose by 3.1 percentage points. Part of the slow progress of atmospheric pollution prevention and control tasks, there are 10 companies in the region there are 22 units of the fire motor is not the construction of desulphurization facilities, including a number of long-term excessive emissions of enterprises in Hulun Buir. In addition, since 2013, the environmental protection departments at all levels received a total of 143 complaints about the North pharmaceutical. On-site inspectors, the rancid smell, Shengliyuan fertilizer companies north pharmaceutical waste landfill residue, harsh nature. According to reports, since the implementation of the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate inspectors, settles the environmental problems in Inner Mongolia reported 1637, against illegal enterprises closed down 362, filing penalties 206, detained 57 people, interviewed 238 people, 280 people of accountability. Recently, in 2016 the first batch of 8 provinces of the central environmental protection inspectors inspectors will continue to be a local feedback inspectors. The local Party committee and government inspectors will be required to develop a corrective plan, and submitted to the State Council within 30 working days, open to the public. In the following 29 industrial parks centralized sewage treatment facilities are not built in September 2014, the Beijing News exclusive coverage of the Inner Mongolia Industrial Park sewage straight row of Alashan Tengger Desert hinterland. After the incident, according to Xinhua news.相关的主题文章: