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People’s Daily Overseas Edition Taiping Island, Cai Yingwen played what abacus

People’s Daily Overseas Edition: Taiping Island, Cai Yingwen played what abacus? Original title: Taiping Island, Taiwan authorities play what abacus (editor Chen Xiaoxing stands) "people’s Daily Overseas Edition" (08 2016 26 August edition 03) 100 day jiangshan. DPP authorities took office nearly a hundred days, but the polls have been diving, Cai Yingwen support for the first time fell below 50%, a variety of forward-looking analysis followed. Some people think of "former" Chen Shuibian, warned Cai Yingwen not to repeat, with the transfer of internal contradictions and the focus of foreign aggression. One need not look far for a lesson。 After Chen Shuibian’s "son of Taiwan" aura eclipsed corruption, borrow, he began the Dutch act type "Taiwan independence" charge, referendum, "admission", "frozen series, even uncle Sam’s eyes do not see, angry George W. Bush swear. Now, Cai Yingwen was elected the aura faded faster, how will she hold around? Her biggest move was to get her "interior minister" on the Pacific island! In addition to Chen Shuibian’s surprise, props, but also more than a peaceful island in the hands of Cai Yingwen. The so-called South China Sea arbitration award will be peaceful island as a reef, the whole Taiwan anger! Pingtung fishermen to Taiping Island declared patrimony at their own expense, more than seven adults for their newly elected Cai Yingwen act, but the "listen" Cai Yingwen ignored, under the leadership of the administrative department to support fishermen open penalty, such as retroaction. When a new poll, Cai Yingwen’s officials landed on the island, we can see that its intentions to quell discontent. But the bottom, do not embrace. First, the DPP pro american friends, waist straight up, let the officials play for generation of non military officials played, not "Sea Patrol", but "internal affairs", the United States and Japan to explain; second, officials on the island, only to the "Nansha hospital" nail a sign, looked at the climate observation facilities, not a protected island that runs a rounders only; third, officials that Cai Yingwen island on the South China Sea arbitration "cut", Cai Yingwen for the future mobile Taiping island this piece sounded the opening gong. Look back at Cai Yingwen’s cut, is a startling step by step, a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance. Cut five points, one is to defend the right of fishing, the three is "the multilateral consultation, inviting international scholars to the Pacific island of transnational ecology, geology, earthquake, meteorology and other scientific research", four as "the Taiping island is the humanitarian center and transport base" to encourage the study of the law of the sea, five talents. Remove the cap and boots, the middle three have emphasized the Taiping island "international", "multilateral" all has nothing to do with the interests of the South China Sea countries; and "humanitarian" and "supply base" of the object is self-evident, according to the current situation of cross-strait relations, Taiping island will not become the Liberation Army "supply base, and military bases and invasion are often from" rescue "and" transport "start. As the largest island in the South China Sea, the Pacific Islands and the South China Sea interests of the game, as long as the Democratic Progressive Party DPP resort to make a gesture, it will stir up the storm, so the intention can not be avoided. The polls diving, the DPP authorities do not think of rational reflection, but for the future provocations planted a lot of foreshadowing. What do they want to do?相关的主题文章:

Beijing mad wounding while people are not prepared to bite leg tear – Sohu behind the news

Beijing: mad wounding unprepared behind leg tear – bite # method # late news Sohu news from the beginning at noon today, in Yongan, Guanghua Road and SOHO, a white area, about 40 cm long mad dog, bite dozens of people. Currently in Chaoyang CDC, there are still waiting for the injection of the injured. Today evening 5 pm, reporter (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) seen in the Chaoyang CDC layer injection area, the scene has more than twenty people waiting for the injection of rabies vaccine, according to the Chaoyang CDC staff, from 10 in the morning, people began to inject more, the longest team has lined up outside the building of the cdc. Master Li is a security guard near the Jianwai SOHO, according to its introduction, at about two o’clock in the afternoon, a white dog suddenly appeared behind him, a bite the back of his left leg, leg pants Master Li bitten a hole in it after the bite "don’t stop tearing my trousers." Reporter (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) in the master’s legs to see a long three cm hole. Mr Huang’s son, after school today has also been a vicious dog attack, "at that time is five pm, in guangqumenwai the dog snapped at my son’s leg." Reporters learned that today most of the injured were bitten to the leg, and the dogs are suddenly attacked from behind. (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) reporter learned from a number of the wounded in the mouth, the dog route has appeared in Chaoyangmen, Yongan, Guanghua Road, Jianwai SOHO to guangqumenwai and Huawei near the south, there are still waiting for the Chaoyang CDC vaccine. (reporter Zhang Qunchen photo reporter Liu Chang)相关的主题文章:

5 year old boy with black body caused by alkali burns Claus, soil kill people! Sohu – 追踪309

5 year old boy with black body caused by alkali burns Claus, soil kill people! – Sohu 5 year old boy when he fell into the water filled with large pots of boiling water, the whole person sitting in a large basin. At the time of the incident, grandma sat next to the big basin, but did not realize the danger. See the grandchildren crying, she would know that out of the event, she quickly picked up the child, and indigenous in children with alkali. Who knows, deposited in the body of these alkali, resulting in the dragon’s two damage. The doctor, the dragon body 80% of the area burned, and three degree burns, but the family is deposited in the wound on the base, resulting in two degrees of damage to the dragon’s body, causing burns all the dragon is black, is not yet out of danger. The child accident, must be timely to hospital, in addition to master some basic knowledge of first aid, do not use the method easily! Parents: accident blame remorse about the Dragon injury, his father mr.. Tragedy occurred at about 3 o’clock PM 13, when the Dragon followed her grandmother to her aunt’s home, did not expect an accident. Dragon’s father recalled that the house, where a large basin, are loaded with boiling water, and then he played there, sitting directly in the boiling water inside". Dragon body burns up to 80%. Mr. Sun said that when his son was half a year old, he and his wife are out of work, usually stay at home, take care of grandparents. The doctor said that the Dragon belongs to severe burn, not yet out of danger, and the children were infected with shock. And burn all black, and this family in the injury after the discovery of the dragon dragon improper treatment. The application of a layer of alkali on the wound will result in further wound and injury, which is equal to two times. Frequent tragedy: Indigenous with caution, to timely referral has also recently occurred due to unauthorized use of "indigenous" Tragedies — the parents to the baby body caused by the cooling liquor respiratory arrest. Shenzhen Futian District maternal and child health hospital admissions of a delirious boy, the original is the child parents give children have a fever with liquor cooling caused by systemic bath physical, after the rescue children gradually restore vital signs stable. Coincidentally, Shenzhen city children’s hospital admissions over a 1 year old boy parents with industrial alcohol "method" fever, unfortunately this boy died. Burn rescue: water blunt wound more than 15 minutes the most critical in case the child was burned, the doctor pointed out that after the discovery of the parents, immediately rinse with water at room temperature for more than 15 minutes is the most critical. Many parents mistakenly thought to be the first time to tear off the children’s clothing, check the condition, but the clinical confirmed that it is best to use scissors to cut clothing and dress, rather than the opposite strip steps, so as to keep the skin burn. "Don’t think anyway, the skin has been boiled, burnt to death, no use; it is the skin layer of protective film, not only to avoid the scald deepened, but also avoid the red and white leather woven dermis exposed, promote healing. There are also key steps to wash more than 15 minutes before cutting. The body temperature is about 37, if the skin is heated above 42 degrees Celsius, it will form a burn!相关的主题文章:

Chinese high-speed rail mileage over 20 thousand km four vertical and four horizontal the bas plustek

Chinese high-speed rail mileage over 20 thousand km   "four vertical and four horizontal" forming the basic society yesterday, with the G1908 high-speed rail trains from Zhengzhou east station at 6:31, Xu Zheng (state) (state) high-speed railway officially opened operations, marking the China high-speed railway operating mileage exceeded 20 thousand kilometers. From 2008 to the Beijing Tianjin Intercity Zheng Xugao iron, 8 years, China’s high-speed rail from scratch, and then to today’s "bus" intensive operation, high-speed rail being unique in its "face value" and "temperament" changing people life. High speed rail network formed "bullet" and line with the four corners of the world Zheng Xu high-speed railway, China early planning "four vertical and four horizontal high-speed rail network has been basically formed. To the north, South to the "Manchuria" "tropical rainforest", the East Sea, Gobi to the west, there are "bullet" figure. Zheng Xu high-speed rail design speed of 350 km per hour, the initial operating speed of 300 km. After the operation, from Zhengzhou to Xuzhou to shorten the journey to 1.5 hours or so, Zhengzhou to shorten the journey to about 4 hours. "Pot chicken, Yama Ri, bun, double intestine soup water shock……" Shanghai users combing the food along the Zheng Xugao iron, we suggest that the Mid Autumn Festival to Zhengzhou to say to go on a trip". China railway company responsible person, Zheng Xu high-speed rail and has been operating in the Zheng Xi, West Po, Lanzhou high-speed rail and the construction of BOLN high iron, a new high standard and large capacity of the Eurasian Continental Bridge Transportation Corridor, and connectivity has been operating in the Beijing Shanghai, Beijing Guangzhou high-speed rail, high-speed railway network our country to further improve the time and space greatly shorten the distance in the western region of China and the Middle East "". "The Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Bohai city high iron ring group already connected into a network, the eastern, central and Western and northeast four plates to achieve high-speed interconnection, the modernization of our country’s high-speed rail network has begun to take shape." Tongji University professor Sun Zhang said. Chinese high-speed rail ambitions and more than this, more intensive high high iron main channel has been planning. According to the latest release of the medium and long term railway network plan, by 2025, China’s railway network will reach about 175 thousand km, of which about 38 thousand km high-speed rail, more than doubled by the end of 2015. By 2030, the basic realization of internal and external interconnection, inter regional multi channel, the provincial capital of high-speed rail connectivity, fast access to the city, the basic coverage of the county. China’s long-term railway network will reach about 200 thousand km, of which about 45 thousand kilometers of high-speed railway." National Development and Reform Commission Secretary General Fei Zhirong said, when the national railway network will achieve 1 to 4 hours of traffic between neighboring cities. According to Xinhua News Agency (commissioning editor: Bai Yu)相关的主题文章:

The launch of Tiangong two astronauts with the bike and treadmill – Sohu news 4000dy

The launch of Tiangong two astronauts with the bike and treadmill – Sohu news Tiangong two space laboratory is improved based on Tiangong-1 target aircraft backup products developed, a total length of 10.4 meters, a maximum diameter of 3.35 meters, the sun has a wingspan of about 18.4 meters, weighing 8.6 tons, the experimental class and class two class configuration of resources. Design on orbit life of not less than 2 years, the main task is to accept the manned spacecraft and cargo spacecraft to visit, to carry out scientific experiments in space and related technology test, validate the space station construction and operation of related key technology. According to the plan, Tiangong two laboratory space launch, the development platform and the space application load testing, and the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft before launch, do a good job with the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft rendezvous and docking preparation. Because the Temple No. two, only one intersection on the interface, must wait for Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft from space, in the next year and will one day boat cargo spacecraft rendezvous and docking. Tiangong two task density will be in orbit maintenance and space station technology verification, this will be the last comprehensive technical verification before building space stations in china. Tiangong-1’s main aim is to verify the rendezvous and docking technology, and Tiangong two will carry out large-scale test of space science experiments and space applications and space medicine experiments arranged reflected a number of cutting-edge science and technology development direction of the strategy of science and application tasks. Tiangong two was originally Tiangong-1 target aircraft backup products. China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Fifth Institute of Tiangong two chief architect Zhu Congpeng said that after the successful launch of Tiangong-1, this backup product has not been wasted, but it is the equipment used to do Tiangong two. "Because the backup products deposited on the ground for a long time, we carried out the life test of the equipment and materials, the replacement of some non metal materials, the equipment processing was done to extend the life of the Tiangong two, to ensure the reliability of quality." Zhu Congpeng said. Deputy director of Chinese manned space engineering office, she said, Tiangong-1 has launched earlier in March 16, 2016 fully completed its historic mission. Tiangong-1 is expected to fall in 2017, most of the structural components will be destroyed in the fall of the ablation process, cause of aviation and ground damage probability is very low, very unlikely. Tiangong two in the end, will fall to a controlled deorbit, the Pacific Ocean does not become space junk. China’s manned space flight three step strategy is now in the second stage of the second stage. Tiangong-1 successfully launched, China manned space into the space laboratory stage; the successful launch of Tiangong two, indicates that China will soon enter the space station era. The construction of the space station is the third step of China’s manned space engineering strategy, which is planned to be completed around 2020, and will be fully operational in 2022. The space station is the aircraft cabin, each cabin weight up to 20 tons, with a plurality of intersection on the interface, can realize multi vehicle and docking, so the future space station "man" will be much larger than the Temple No. two, the long-term orbit for more than ten years, the astronauts on the space station resident may reach more than one year. The construction of the space station involves the long-term resident of astronauts相关的主题文章: