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"Change it in" star Hui Ruoqi guest review of hard training course – Sohu Hui Ruoqi entertainment Home Furnishing first exposure   Sohu; entertainment news the evening of November 8th 22:00, broadcast by Anhui satellite TV all star Home Furnishing transformation life service program "Star" in the tenth phase change it will broadcast the Olympic champion Hui Ruoqi, a guest at the scene, not only to bring the Home Furnishing space for help designer for a family of four, to create a more powerful functionality but also the comfort of the living room, more talk about the champions are hidden behind the effort and persistence. What kind of story does Hui Ruoqi tell? Exciting upcoming. Hui Ruoqi, a guest at the scene recalled the difficult training process windfall to bless the mother feeling tears for the first time with the video Home Furnishing space guest program, Hui Ruoqi not only brought the transformation needs more smooth talking about Olympic champion behind the unknown difficult and hard work. In women’s volleyball training squad from the age of 16, to win the Olympic Games in Rio, the 90 girls through their own efforts to become a lot of people in the eyes of the idol, however, from the dream of not asking for the moon, behind every success is sweat. The scene, about my training course, Hui Ruoqi exposes the injured is homely food, also admitted that he had multiple injuries on the body, in order to play "had three operations, one is the shoulder above, because the ball fell out and then hit seven nails inside; then I went through last year the two heart surgery, there was a ectopic excitement, then need to have the excitement burned to engage in sports". Unusually hard to host Zhou Qun can not help but sigh, not only she played hard, I almost saw the ball to see heart disease." Hui Ruoqi, the spirit of hard work unremittingly touching, hard work is more painful. In order to bring surprise to Hui Ruoqi, in the group’s intimate arrangements, especially for the preparation of a video from the mother of Hui Ruoqi. In the video, Hui Ruoqi’s mother daughter mentioned rare appearance, pain, tears of mother very distressed, "(shoulder injury) she chose surgery in March 6th, although I didn’t say it directly, but March 4th is her birthday, I also wanted to finish operation this birthday, love more than is really like for her daughter," now it seems that this really makes me admire pay. Yangyang (Hui Ruoqi), you have worked hard, you have brought honor to our family, thank you". Perhaps for the first time to see his mother so solemn expression of friendship, so calm Hui Ruoqi also could not help choking, "in fact, I have said, mom, I said every time you interview in front of the camera don’t cry, because every time I see her cry I want to cry, mother and daughter intimate love, full of affection caused by full of tears. 90 designer creative daleitai cement "barren master" and then show technology inspiration stunts just for the love of family, hope to do something for the home, let Hui Ruoqi with the transformation of space came to the show, hoping to transform the home in the living room, "bring some changes to the home, and then let them more happy in life". Hui Ruoqi frankly, because the house has been living for a long time, the family population is also more, leading to the existing living space can not meet the needs of the family, "greek.相关的主题文章: