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College students cheated in more than 40 thousand after the police investigation is still noisy – Beijing Evening News reporter intern Zhang Haitao Changchun airlines in June, Changchun a college sophomore classmate Wang want to enrich their summer life by doing part-time jobs, I did not expect to be brought into a "hoax", not only didn’t earn money, with more than 4 yuan of debt. 8 morning, the reporter learned that, according to Wang and others were in arrears of things, Municipal Public Security Bureau of economic investigation departments have been investigated, but the software still urged Wang loan repayment as soon as possible. Wang Tongxue said he had no money to repay the arrears, I do not know what to do now. According to Wang Tongxue introduction, in September 21st, he received the Municipal Bureau of Public Security Bureau of economic investigation issued by the new registration form by the case, the police investigation of their events. "Although we have received the registration form, we are still not happy." Wang Tongxue told reporters that his debt has been overdue for a month, the late fees, loan software has been in the form of telephone or SMS reminders to him. In the morning, the reporter saw Wang Dunning provided in the message, the message in addition to let Wang repay as soon as possible, also claimed that if he does not repay, will be based on his identity card address inquiries to contact parents. "I also received a lot of bad attitude and threatening tone telephone reminders, are now afraid to go out alone." Wang Tongxue said. Jilin Ming British firm lawyers said Zhang Xinfeng, Wang does not have to worry too much about the problem of repayment, to solve criminal cases according to the provisions, then solve civil disputes, because the students cheated a criminal case, and student debt are civil disputes, according to the results of the investigation of criminal cases to determine who is to bear civil liability.相关的主题文章: