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Comments: deleveraging is not determined due to the financial side of the tension and shake We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Deleveraging is determined not due to surface tension of funds moved in October 27th, Chinese inter-bank market funds face continued tight interbank interest rates upward trend, collective. Among them, the seven day repo rate jumped 16 basis points to 2.72%, the largest increase since April. The Shanghai stock exchange day repo rate closed up 175%, at a record high of $7.89%, the highest intraday hit of $18%; the seven day rose by 4.5%, at $4.04%. Why funds face relaxed environment and the market is expected to continue to deviate, suddenly tight? There is no definitive answer. A view that the devaluation of the RMB exchange rate is expected to lead to a reduction in foreign exchange, additional financial deposit paid, the overall funds face tight. Since October, the RMB devaluation greatly, stimulate more capital outflows, will affect the monetary base resulting in funds face tightening pressures continue to increase, which is considered to be money tight the reason. At the same time, the central bank does not relieve by foreign exchange decline in the tight state, recently did a sequel to medium-term lending facility (MLF). In addition, there are rumors that the central bank in accordance with the requirements of MPA regulation, further standardize the off balance sheet financial services, from the three quarter of this year will be off balance sheet financial services into the broad credit to measure. Although the news has not been determined, but that the central bank’s financial leverage is serious and serious work. Recently, Chinese 17 ministries to establish "actively and steadily reduce leverage work of the inter ministerial joint meeting, in order to promote the enterprises to reduce leverage. This means that the government will begin to deleveraging as the focus of future work, not just to prevent financial risks arising from the property market boom, but comprehensive. The IMF has also warned China that it should curb excessive credit growth, especially the higher risk of excessive growth of shadow credit products, while ensuring the health of inter bank financing structure. They suggested that emerging economies should pay close attention to the low interest rate environment and reducing leverage. Over the past two years, the government is trying to leverage the financial market to reduce leverage. However, the effect is not very satisfactory, not only did not reduce leverage, but the stock market has created a sharp slump and the property bubble. The whole society credit expansion, loose environment and asset shortage caused by the prevalence of speculation, some institutions by increasing leverage in the market access to the so-called stability income. Some investors still believe that the central bank will not tighten. Loose monetary conditions will only encourage leverage rather than leverage. Therefore, if the central bank does not show the actual action to leverage determination, it will create the opposite market expectations, and will be the opportunity to use investors, more and more passive. Although China’s recent cross-border capital flows implemented a strict regulation, but with the Fed’s interest rate hike is expected to become stronger and stronger, the RMB exchange rate will bear increasing pressure on devaluation相关的主题文章: