Creative shopping plaza in Milan, Beijing, Tianjin and leisure shopping added new landmark – Sohu seaway

Creative Milan shopping plaza opening Beijing Tianjin leisure shopping Tim new landmark – Sohu in September 24, 2016, by the Hongkong Nanfeng group and American veectory group family related enterprises — the global benchmark (Beijing) Consulting Co. Ltd., invest in the development and construction of the Beijing Tianjin leisure shopping destination — creative Milan Shopping Plaza (CREATIVO, hereinafter referred to as the "creative Milan") in Tianjin the grand opening of Wuqing.   creative Milan is located in the Beijing Tianjin core — Wuqing, adjacent to the town of Florence, Sweeney, close to the Beijing Tianjin high-speed rail Wuqing Railway Station, take the intercity rapid rail from Beijing to Wuqing only 19 minutes from Tianjin city to Wuqing just 10 minutes, seamless public transportation and free shuttle bus service, provides a convenient choice for consumers travel. The unique Milan style buildings by Italy designers to build, open blocks allow customers like the shuttle in the romantic European city.   Milan Home Furnishing contains creative home goods, lifestyle, entertainment and catering and other global four core business format, brought together nearly 100 domestic and international famous brands, in addition to FENDI CASA, VERSACE HOME, RALPH LAUREN HOME, Rosenthal, LLADRO, DOMUS, AUREA and other high end brand Home Furnishing, also include the EMPORIO ARMANI Zhou Dafu, Burger King, swimming hall, Paris animation star spring and other famous brands, many brands are stationed in North China for the first time, to give customers a perfect shopping experience. VERSACE HOME  VERSACE HOME  FENDI CASA  FENDI CASA  RALPH LAUREN HOME  RALPH LAUREN HOME  "the idea of a designer when life" through positioning — Beijing Tianjin Hebei echoed throughout the shopping plaza unique leisure shopping destination and the quality of life. Milan rich in creative business, brand furniture, dining Home Furnishing life, leisure and entertainment, Milan is committed to build a creative experience of Italian style, best to enjoy a relaxing leisure and shopping, so that customers can get sympathy in the product design and brand value, so that the quality of this creative life with extreme ease. The group leader and designer   one of the Milan project investment as the creative side of the United States veectory Group Chairman and chief executive of Mr. Li Xuehai at the opening ceremony said: "creative Milan shopping plaza is richly endowed by nature advantages in geographical location, located in the Beijing Tianjin communication position, the vigorous development of Wuqing District, regardless of drive or take high-speed rail can easily reach. Milan creative project to provide customers of Italian style building is not only the original, let its as if personally on the scene in Europe, is to provide a one-stop destination for leisure entertainment and shopping in one of the projects for everyone." Mr. Li Xuehai &nb.相关的主题文章: