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On foot: Gold Limited production on oil prices limited support striking one snag after another client to view the latest market on Thursday, the United States announced the second quarter GDP final value was further revised upward by 0.3 percentage points to 1.4%, the data is better than market expectations of 1.3%. The strong performance of the data so that the Fed’s interest rate hike is expected to further warming. Released the same time initial jobless claims to 254 thousand people, or 260 thousand people in the market expectations. Both economic and employment data are improving the Fed’s interest rate hike is expected to be further strengthened. The dollar index daily chart, the average system formed through repeated, objective direction sideways. Affected by the overall market turmoil since August 18th, the market turmoil in the future for a long time. From the hourly chart trend, the dollar index since September 22nd has been in a certain slope of the adjustment range of internal operation, the operation of the middle position in the shock interval sideways, the days of continued unrest. After the outbreak of the crisis in the Deutsche Bank, Germany’s second largest bank performance decline, Commerzbank currently planned layoffs, and formulated a series of restructuring plan. The spread of the German banking crisis, the market risk aversion to rise again, which also provides support for the gold trend. Gold daily chart pattern to within the range of operation, the whereabouts of the recent adjustment intervals along the nearby support continuous collection of two long under the shadow of the K line, further limiting the interim callback space. Gold callback is expected to support the continuation of the medium-term rally. From the hourly chart trend, gold trading hit a low of 1314 for supporting short-term oversold bounce, although short-term rebound momentum slight advantage, but with the decline since September 26th compared significantly disadvantaged, but also have certain effect on resistance near the 1328 price, gold is expected to rebound difficult short-term there is still falling space. Short term support 1314, resistance of 1328. Silver daily chart repeatedly through the formation of the average system, mid sideways situation continues. From the hourly chart trend, silver in the week falling to 18.90 support low adjustment was also driven by gold and silver while rebound, but the rebound in the process characterized by low slope, strong repeatability, is expected after the continuous adjustment of low silver will further fall to 18.90 week lows even further to 18.65. Silver short-term resistance 19.40,19.65. The medium-term trend of gold and silver sideways. Gold and silver after the early fall short although there have been varying degrees of rebound, and early fall obviously weak, is expected to rebound difficult still falling space. RMB will join the International Monetary Fund (micro-blog) special drawing rights (SDR) currency basket tomorrow. Before the yuan into the basket, the impact of the overall market turmoil, short-term fluctuations are further increased. The dollar Renminbi daily repeatedly through the formation of the average system, the continuous unrest in middle. U.S. dollar from July 18th to date has been in a downward adjustment along the narrow range of internal operation, with the narrowing interval.相关的主题文章: