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Do not clean cut out: apple and European Enlightenment scores – Sohu technology on Tuesday, EU antitrust officials ordered the technology giant Apple Corp to pay 13 billion euros in taxes in Ireland, and points out that as the world’s most expensive apple from Dublin to accept unequal tax breaks, and in more than a decade in the 28 EU countries managed to avoid almost all the corporate income tax. In this regard, the parties sounding one after another. The size of these tax requirements, not only for the apple company, the major multinational companies, is undoubtedly a blow. In different countries and regions of the government, enjoy different types of tax benefits, has been the primary consideration of local operations of multinational companies. The EU statement of a Apple Corp, make surprise, while the Irish government is also quite embarrassing. Apple shares fell nearly 1%. According to EU regulations, the Irish government has four months to re calculate the tax owed by Apple Corp, and to recover. However, the Irish government is worried that the ruling against the Apple Corp will hurt the country as a low tax paradise and long-term reputation for international investment liberalization. This event is no doubt trying to set the tone for many multinational companies operating in the EU countries. Tax disputes, and why? As early as apple into Ireland, its registered company for Apple Sales International and Apple Operations Europe. The company directly from foreign manufacturers to buy Apple products, all business practices are also outside the United states. Apple uses tax loopholes and does not belong to any country to tax the object of the Irish subsidiary, global tax evasion billions of dollars. In fact, as early as in May 2013, the U.S. Senate on the open discussion. And in 2014, the European Commission antitrust investigation launched that apple and the Irish government in 1991 and in 2007 reached an agreement that could violate EU law. These agreements allow apple to get the so-called state aid, you can re arrange its profit margins, so as to achieve the lowest tax benefits. According to "the Wall Street journal" reported that in 2011, apple produced a 16 billion euro profit in Ireland, and in the Apple Sales International’s schedule only 50 million of the profits, the other part of the design became the headquarters of the income that the year apple with Irish government formulated preferential tax, only about 0.05%. In fact, Apple’s tax in Ireland has fallen from 1% in 2003 to $0.005% in 2014. In the face of disputes, each said the words? Apple CEO Cook, of course, in the first time to express dissatisfaction with the EU ruling, and claimed that Apple has been compliance with local tax laws, tax on time. At the same time, he also said that the open letter to the consumer: "international tax problem is very complex, but there is always a core principle, a tax on a company, should be levied on the value and profit of the company in the local produce, and this, apple, love.相关的主题文章: